Has Kennedy Agyapong The Brains To Advice Kufour?


I always had my reservation about the eight years presidency of ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor, I knew something was wrong, but what exactly the problem was, I could not put my finger on, but thank goodness, Kennedy Agyepong, has finally let the cat out of the bag.

If Kennedy Agyepong, was among the people Kufuor could trust to advise him on appointments, then this country was really taken for a ride and it explains why we are where we are today. A lot of wrong has been done to the country, a lot of bad decisions that has left this country in a bad state etc.

The Member of Parliament (MP), for Assin Central, since he joined parliament have never authored a word, he does not take part in parliamentary deliberations, when his main job as a legislator is to help in enriching debate on the floor of the August House, all the man has done is to always go on radio, pretending to know more than all of us.

He has engaged a lot of well-meaning Ghanaians in frivolous allegations and innuendos on radio, to the extent that he has the audacity and bravado, without shame to tell presenters, who do not allow him to go on ranting like a lunatic on their radio stations that if he is not allowed to say what he want to say, he will go and say them on his radio station.

I do not blame him; I blame ex-President Kufuor, who issued him with a radio and television license.

This is the same man, who was giving contracts for which payments was made but the contracts were never executed, to the extent that his wife also benefited from the contracts that were shared like groundnut to party people.

Kennedy Agyepong, became a household name in Ghana, when he threatened fire and brimstone on the Managing Editor of the Dispatch, Ben Ephson, at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), when he asked him to go and find out who he was from his mates at the Adisadel College. Since then, he has always being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

His latest buffoonery is the claim last Friday that he lobbied President Kufuor to make a ‘drunkard’ his Chief of Staff, if such a sensitive position and the only person in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to advise our President on his choice of Chief of Staff is Kennedy Agyepong, then leadership in this country was reduced once upon a time to its lowest ebb.

What is in Kenndey Agyepong’s head to be the one advising our Head of State on who to appoint and not to appoint, if he was any good himself, why was he not giving any Ministerial appointment.

All that Kennedy Agyepong is doing in his mind is helping Nana Addo, who is also enjoying what is going on in the NPP, but he is rather doing him more good than harm.

How relevant is Nana Addo that people want to poison him, the fact the party is hell bent on electing him or if you will endorse him to lead them for the third time to be its flagbearer, does not mean Ghanaians are ready for him.

Complacency is certainly setting in, and Nana Addo and his supporters think or believe that the 2016 election is a done deal for him.
If I am him (Nana Addo), I will be reminded of 2008, even with the benefit of incumbency and all the money that he splashed, he went head and lost the election.

In 2012 again, it took John Dramani Mahama only three months to campaign to beat a tried and tested but tired horse, despite the audacious promise of free Senior High School (SHS), and a relatively unknown flagbearer.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), can also deceive themselves as long as they want, but one thing was clear, had President John Evans Atta Mills, been alive, the 2012 election will have been very difficult, in fact the NDC will have lost, not because Mills was a bad President, but because his health, could not allow him to effectively campaign.

Time and again, God has revealed a lot of things to Nana Addo that he can never be President, if I was him, I will go down on my knees and pray for guidance and forgiveness. Why, even at the time the country is going through economic turmoil, and it is becoming clearer that any idiot that will emerge winner in their primaries is most likely to win the 2016 election, his party is in crisis.

I don’t know which face of God he wants to seek in the United Kingdom (UK), if he does he will have seen that God does not want him to be President. A divided house like NPP, will not win any election in Ghana.

The party and the image makers of Nana Addo, have tried to portray the man as a peace-loving man, but the man is a wicked man, who does not care to spill blood for as long as that wins him the election.

When Kennedy Agyepong, incited Ashanti’s against Gas and Ewes, Nana Addo did not find it necessary to ask him to apologize, at that time you had irritants like Sir John and Jake Obetsebi -Lamptey as the face of the party, he was giving a hero’s welcome, when he was released by the security apparatus.

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