Haruna Iddrissu: Gloats Over Arming His Enemies


I am sad, as well as disappointed; I am jealous and angry at the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations and Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale Central, Haruna Iddrissu.

He is one politician I used to admire and still do; he is among the few young politicians, who inspire the next generation, anytime I listen to him, I am more than convinced that, Ghana has a future.

Two weeks ago, Manazeh Azuri Awuni of Joy FM, did an investigative piece on Youth Employment Agency, in which the Minister, Haruna Iddrissu, was quoted per letters available to the journalist for having requested for some amount of money.

Among the request the journalist thought was questionable was one made for vehicles to be purchased for the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

The Minister in his response to the story broke my heart, when he said that, the purchase of the car was not done under the cover of darkness and that he the (Minister) asked that advert should be run in the Daily Graphic, the Daily Guide and the Chronicle.

I said wait a minute, did I hear Haruna right, that he caused advert to be placed in the aforementioned papers.

I thought I didn’t hear him well, so I called up a friend and asked her, whether she followed the interview on Joy FM, she also corroborated the story.

I wept that day not for myself, but for every member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who expected a little recognition and appreciation from government appointees.

It is obvious some appointees of the President, are not living up to his expectation and expectations of members of the NDC.

I am not for a moment suggesting that anybody or in this instance newspaper which do not share in the ideology of the NDC must be deprived of government advert. My concern is that, when your mother is the one in the kitchen you do not go hungry.

Haruna must know that, as a newspaper we also pay bills, just as the Daily Graphic, daily Guide and the Chronicle. It is no wonder that, when the story broke, which was proven not to be well investigated or at least the conclusion of it being riddled with corruption, no newspaper predisposed to the government came to his defense.

Manazeh and Joy FM could have being beaten to subjugation, but Ghanaians whose minds were made up, are still carrying the story as if it is a scripture from the Bible. Why because the only person who was running around to defend the story was Haruna and the Ministry with the release of so many press statements.

I once read a quote by Thomas Carlyle, where he said that “The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.” The Minister must be made conscious of his responsibility to all of us, if at any point in time his Ministry has an advert to run, he must remember that, we also survive on advert.

It is time the government makes a conscious and deliberate plan to help its own. The New Patriotic Party (NPP), even in opposition has not lost touch with the media affiliated to them.

Today Fox News is all over and being quoted in Ghana regarding their expose’ on the two ex-Gitmo detainees, because the media house is anti-democrat. President Barrack Obama, of the United States of America in the run up to the election in 2008, vowed never to grant interview to that station, because a defamatory story of him was aired on
the news channel.

This is nothing to be ashamed of; media houses are always affiliated based on the orientation and conviction. Our government should not be behaving like they live on another planet.

It would be uncharitably disingenuous to state that nothing has been done since this government assumed office, but it still a fact that, some appointees of this government seem oblivious of the threat facing the government and the NDC party.

If Haruna is unaware, he must be reminded that, today he might find us not to be credible, but yesterday we were relevant and tomorrow we will be relevant.

Assuming without admitting we are not credible, what is he doing to ensure that, we become and remain credible. The papers that, he asked that the advert should be given to, do not share in his ideology. The predisposition of those papers will never make them sympathetic to the course of NDC.

The Daily Guide and the Chronicle, since their inception, has always being against the NDC, even when it is obvious that, the government is feeding them fat.

These papers get the most adverts and to rub it in, Haruna Iddrissu was on air marketing those papers and claiming that, he asked his Ministry to run advert in them.

The NDC is gradually gaining notoriety for not paying its debt, any institution or organization that fails to reward hard work, dedication, sacrifice and loyalty, will soon find out that, they is nobody to defend it.

Haruna Iddrissu must bear in mind that, you cannot satisfy your enemies at the expense of your followers. I am appalled by his actions and hope that, going forward whenever he has advert to run, consideration must be given to the newspapers or media houses that are favorably disposed to the NDC.

I have learnt a long time ago that, the things we do on purpose, we tend to repeat. I hope this won’t repeat itself.

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