Hannah Tetteh Must Stop Facebooking And Attend To Her Constituents


The Monday, August 8, 2014, edition of the Daily Guide reported that over 2000 supporters and former executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), have defected to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

This action by members of the NDC, did not come to us as a surprise, as we have also been picking signals on the ground that the Member of Parliament (MP) and Minister of Foreign Affairs, have neglected the Constituency after they elected her to represent them.

If the story is anything to go by, it means that the NDC will find it difficult to retain that seat and go ahead to win the Presidential election in that Constituency. Politics is about numbers and as a leader; ego must not be allowed to determine how you relate to your people.

The NDC is sitting on a time bomb, the President, John Dramani Mahama, is trying so hard, despite the teething problems to get the economy back on track, his appointees and MPs, who are expected to complement his effort, are not living up to expectation. The collateral damage
in 2016, is probably going to sweep across the party like a tsunami.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), is making 2016 easy for the NDC to win, but try as they (the NPP), to make the elections a walk in the park for the NDC, the more they continue to shoot themselves in the foot, by rejecting the gesture.

The news coming out of her Constituency is not a good one, it could be coming from some disgruntled members, who do not have a spirit of competition, and are out for blood after losing in the Constituency election, but as they say, they is no smoke without fire.

The Minister and MP, must do all she can to get these people back. 2000 plus people in any election is a huge number, especially when you take into consideration the multiplier effect over people, they have influence over.

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