GYEM Goes Green Action In 2015


By Emmanuel Amoquandoh (Anomabo Anomansa)

The Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM), has after a three-days-retreat, proposed to go green action in the year 2015.

The three days residential retreat, took place at Anomabo Anomansa in the Central Region of Ghana.

Going green action, ascribed by the GYEM, is to carry out a number of activities that will help to solve the problems we face in our environment, be it sanitation problems, climatic disorders, green house effect, and many more.

Paramount among them is to grow many trees in the year 2015, to reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, thereby, reducing its adverse effects that come with it.

GYEM’s proposition for the year 2015, “Green Action”, was borne out of the many discussions that resulted out of the many impending dangers, which we face but still stand to face the worse, not only as a country, but as a continent and to the world at large.

Some of the dangers we already face are typhoons, drought, changes in rainfall patterns, floods, tsunamis, and what have you, all of which are largely results of human activities.

Global warming, cannot be excluded out of the discussion, since it has contributed to melting the glaciers, leading to increase of the seawaters, which in effect have rendered many homeless and taken over communities.

This is what has lead to the build up of protective covers, one of which is the Keta defence wall and the likes. However, none of the defences we put up can save us if we continue to be indifferent about the environment.

It is for this reason that the GYEM, as part of its activities in 2015, has adopted the month of June in this year, and in every other year a National Green Month in Ghana and it is dedicated exclusively to tree planting.

GYEM, would be planting hundreds of trees in June, as well as promoting a nationwide tree planting exercise.

This would help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which eventually would help to reduce the heat that causes global warming, as well as its adverse effects.

This green action campaign is known as the Anomansa declaration.

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