GYEEDA Takes Giant Lip To Fight Corruption

GYEEDA Takes Giant Lip To Fight Corruption


The Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Authority (GYEEDA), the agency tasked to provide stop gap jobs for unemployed youths in the country, has adopted an Information Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance its work.

The technology dubbed, “Veryfy platform’, is an anti-forgery software to fight ghost names on the payroll of the government agency.
GYEEDA said the “Veryfy” platform is purely from external Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) resources at no cost to the Government of Ghana (GoG) and the Common Fund.

A statement signed by Kwabena Akyeampong, the National Coordinator of GYEEDA and copied to The Herald said, the ICT platform would support the agency in its quest to ensure zero tolerance for fraud, better record-keeping and block all loopholes in the activities of the agency.

In a short telephone discussion with this paper yesterday, Mr. Akyeampong disclosed that the system was already in operation and has brought a lot of transparency in the administration of the GYEEDA programme.

Mr. Akyeampong’s statement said, ICT system would eliminate document forgery, deliberate tampering, misplacement of critical documents, as well as misrepresentation that hit the operations of the agency since its inception under the John Kufuor regime.

The statement further said that the chain of correspondence in the future would be seamlessly tracked, traced, secured and indexed on special databases on the ”Veryfy” platform to prevent fraud.

The statement added that the system has been deployed throughout the cloud-computing based platform to connect with the general public to fast track the implementation of cutting-edge policies in the operations of the agency.

The agency has, therefore, called on the general public to support its efforts to use technology, innovation and reforms to build a better youth employment and entrepreneurial programmes to alleviate the plight of the teeming unemployed youth.