GWCL Needs Two Billion Dollars To Connect Water To All Urban Areas By 2025


By Cecil Mensah

The Ghana Water and Sewage Company Limited (GWCL), the agency responsible for the supply of potable water to urban areas, has revealed that it needs two billion Dollars to be able to supply treated water to all urban areas in the country.

According to the company, its coverage of supplying treated water since 2013, has moved from 64 percent to 77 percent of coverage in 2015.

The company said, it has embarked on projects in all eight regions of the country to achieve the target of supplying treated water to all urban areas of the country by 2025.

Mr. Stanley Martey, Head of Corporate Affairs of GWCL, made this revelation at a media briefing on the new tariffs approved by the Public Utilities Commission (PURC) last year in Accra.

According to him, between 2013 and 2015, the company has embarked on several projects nationwide, leading to 13 percent of the expansion drive in the treatment of water.

He explained that the expansion works at the Kpong water Treatment plant, was underutilized and currently producing 40 million gallons of water a day, when it could produce 80 million gallons of water.

He said, the tariffs approved by the Public Utility Commission (PURC) of one thousand litres at 1.78 Pesewas ,even though not commensurate with the cost of production, but the company appreciates the efforts of the PURC.

He appealed the labour organizations to under the operations of the company saying any reduction in the tariffs will affect the operations of the company going into the future.

He said it is the vision of the company to free itself government subventions and become one of the leading urban water service provider in the country.

He said there has been several expansion works in the following areas: the Kasoainterconnectkwanyako and the Accra Desalination projects and Egarkyir that expected to produce 13 million gallons.

He explained that the company has secured an amount of 48 million Dollars from the World Bank as part of the Gama project to expand the distribution systems in the Accra metropolis.

He appealed to the residential users to endeavor to stay within the lifeline services offered by the company to avoid them being charged commercial rates.

He said a 100 litres which is equivalent to five barrels of water goes for 15 Cedis every month.

He announced that the company has launched an ultra-modern state-or- the art call centre to hear complaints from customers.

He appealed to customers to call the toll free line on08004000 or the mobile line on 020 73585090 to report their faults for prompt answers.

He said the handlers of the centre have trained to duly handle their complaints any time of the day.

Mr. Cephas Oguah, Chief Manager in Charge of Corporate and the lead person in the tariff negotiation, speaking on behalf of the Managing Director of the company, said one of the main challenges facing the company was the pollution of the various water bodies from which the company extracts water for treatment.

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