Gregory Afoko Has Rights And Must Be Respected

A basic principle in law states that, an accused person is presumed innocent, until proven guilty by a competent court of jurisdiction.

Gregory Afoko, who has been accused of killing the Upper West regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Adams Mahama, and is standing trial, has since the advent of the current administration, been treated like a convicted felon.

At some point during his incarceration, his lawyers and family members, were denied access to him, a clear violation of his human right.

Everyone, deserves justice and the law is no respecter of person. If Gregory Afoko, is guilty, by all means, in the view of this newspaper, he must answer for his crime.

It is clear from the way proceedings are going that, the government, has no evidence to put Gregory Afoko away on the charge of murder, so it is engaged in gerrymandering.

Curiously, after a court of competent jurisdiction granted him bail, the government, under the aegis of the Attorney General and minister of Justice, Gloria Akuffo, has disobeyed the order and has continued to keep him in detention.

The office of the AG, has rather appealed after violating the court order for three months, to have his bail overturned.

Ghana is surreptitiously becoming a nation where the powers that be, can violet the orders of the courts, without any consequence.

This Newspaper strongly condemns the actions of not only the AG, but the judge, who overturned the earlier bail, granted Gregory Afoko.

We find it not only unacceptable but also reprehensible that this is happening under a political party and president, who claim to believe in the rule of law.

On no account should any person, be treated the way Gregory Afoko, is being treated.

We make bold to assert that the government should obey court orders on the release of Gregory Afoko and other persons still in detention, despite court orders for their release.

We insist that the continuous detention of Mr Afoko, is illegal, illogical and in bad taste.


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