Greed Is the Bane of this Country

The one factor that underpins the problems of this country is ‘greed’. We have all become so greed that, these days you hardly find one God fearing and genuine person to deal with.

It is not only the politicians who are greedy, we always presume that politicians are the only people who are so outlandish that, they steal to save for their generations yet unborn.

The problem is a national tragedy; few examples will suffice to explain our point.

You rent a room or apartment which was built about twenty years ago, every year you go to renew the rent, the landlord or landlady, will tell you the price of cement, has gone up, so your rent must be increased.

Someone buys a car that he or she drives for five or more years, to sell the car, the person wants to sell it more than it was bought.

A visit to any state agency for transaction, until you are ready to pat with money, your documents will get lost in the system.

Since the beginning of the year, the issue of galamsey and its accompanying destruction has come up for public debate and discussion. The threat, it is posing to our forest reserve and our water bodies, have been with us, since the early 90s.

We have all sat aloof and allowed foreigners, mostly Chinese to descend on our natural resource, like leeches that they are.

Last year, like a bolt from the blues, the Ponzi scheme, defined as a pyramid investment swindle in which supposed profits are paid to early investors from money actually invested by later participants, took gullible Ghanaians by storm captivating them with its promises of sudden economic prosperity.

A version of it, notoriously known as DKM Financial Services, had a good laugh at some investors, who lost thousands of Ghana cedis.

Fruits are essential to our every day meal. To live a healthy life, one must eat fruit before or after a meal, but in Ghana, that is the preserve of the rich, because of our penchant for quick cash.

Fruits, which are sold very cheap at the farm gates, once they reach our markets, is beyond the grasp of the poor. Something that cost one cedi will be sold at five cedis, because everybody wants to make abnormal profit.

We can go on and on with the examples, but underlying all that is greed. The day, we do away with greed, will be the day, we will all find peace and pleasure in staying in this country, until then, we are all parasites.

We pray to God to save us from ourselves.


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