GPRTU Must Reduce Transport Fares Now


Since the beginning of the year, fuel prices at the pump, have been reducing, albeit marginally, commercial drivers on the other hand, who are always quick to increase fares, have remained aloof to the reality of the need to reduce transport fares.

Commercial drivers, will not allow us to have our peace, anytime fuel prices are adjusted upwards, they will threaten and even before their mother union and the other players in the transport industry come to an agreement, regarding how much increment, was necessary, some of their members, will arbitrarily start charging their own fares.

Government took a decision to deregulate the petroleum sector; this allowed various Oil Marketing Companies to determine their prices, based on the international market price.

The move has yielded significant results, as prices continue to stumble down. On Monday, fuel prices were reduced by 5percent, what is surprising is the apparent silence from the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), if it was the reverse, the noises for increase in fares, would have been deafening.

The Ministry of Transport now headed by Fifi Kwetey, which seems to have gone to sleep after the resignation of Dzifa Attivor, must also demand of transport owners to do the needful by considering reducing fares.

It is not all the time that, they should have their way, they have in the past held everyone to ransom for government not allowing them to increase fares at the percentage they wanted.

What is good for the Goose, they say is equally good for the Gander. It is high time commuters who patronize commercial vehicles, also form an association or union to press home the interest of the have-not.

The destitute, who have always been at the receiving end of anything bad, just because they have no choice than to comply with any increment, whether justifiably or not, must also be able to speak and protect their interest.

We welcome any move to setup a union to oversee the interest of users of commercial vehicles, and hope that in the end, they will not feel left out in any decision that affect them.

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