Govts Urged To Train More Health Workers


The Executive Director of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon of George W.Bush Institute, Dr. Doyin Oluwole has called on Governments to train more health workers, who can handle machines in the hospitals.

“To bring the machines without people to operate is useless; machines are there we should have experienced people to operate,” she said.
She said this when she spoke to a cross section of the media at the 9th International Cancer Conference of Africa Organization Research Treatment In Cancer (AORTIC) in Durban, the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa.

The theme for the Conference was,” Cancer in Africa: Bridging Science And Humanity”. Held every two years, the AORTIC Conference provides a unique platform to bring together leading African and International health care professionals in cancer care, advocates, leaders in Government and various members of the international health industry and global cancer community to meet and discuss cancer – related matters and proffer solutions to significantly reduce the impact of cancer in Africa and indeed around the World.

Dr.Oluwole said, her organization Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon was focusing on cervical and breast cancer, women in developing nations are often uncomfortable and unable to seek and access testing and treatment for cervical and breast cancers due to the stigma that often associate with these diseases.

She said, in sub- Saharan Africa and Latin America, these, cancers are two of the leading causes of cancer death in women, and Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is attempting to fill that gap by building on President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Reliefs (PEPFAR) platform s, infrastructure and resources.

“With the support of PEPFAR and country partners, we are working to integrate simple, cost – effective prevention, screening and treatment interventions for cervical cancer, with the goal of significantly reducing cervical cancer deaths among women screened and treated.

In September 2011, the George W. Bush Institute, the US Department of State, the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Susan G. Komen for the cure, and Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) established Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon.

The partnership will leverage the platform and resources of PEPFAR – established under President Bush and a cornerstone of President Barrack Obama’s Global Health Initiative (GHI) and will draw from lessons learned in the significant scaling –up no access to HIV interventions in recent years
The Executive Director, discussed that Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon was working to expand access to breast cancer education, promote advocacy and increase awareness of breast cancer using non- PEPFAR funds.

“It is painful to save a woman from dying of HIV/AIDS and to see her die of another very preventable disease, “she added. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), investing in the women health is investing in the Country.

Dr. Doyin Oluwole, Pediatrics is a former Director of the Center for Health Policy and Capacity Development and Project Director for the Africa’s Health in 2010 project. Heading up Africa’s Health 2010, she worked to empower African institutions and governments to plan, manage and evaluate effective and tailored health programs that address maternal, newborns and child health, family planning, nutrition, infectious diseases, health systems strengthening and gender/ gender based violence.

She nurtured partnerships with a spectrum of African government, institutional and donor partnership, prior to Africa’s Health in 2010, Dr. Oluwole spent 25 years as a public health practitioner across Africa, including 10 years at the Regional level and as a country Representative to the World Health Organization (WHO).

“In the past 10 years the world saw an incredible increase in our capacity to fight HIV/AIDS at the Community and individual levels in high-risk areas “said Dr. Oluwole.“By joining forces, we can use relatively modest investment to broaden the scope of women’s care to include two cancers that deserve real attention”.

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