Gov’t urged to tighten border security to check fake products


The Country Business Director of BOSCH is urging the government of Ghana to strengthen checkpoints at the various ports as well as entry points into the country to cut down on the influx of fake tools and equipment.

According to Benjamin Ofori, the influx of these fake products on the market has a tendency to generate into a canker, cause injury to users and negatively affecting user confidence.

In an interview with Citi News, Benjamin Ofori called on the government to adequately resource the Customs Exercise and Preventive Service and other relevant stakeholders with the needed structures to effectively carry out their duties to help stop fake products from entering the Ghanaian market. “Bosch was worried when we started our work in Ghana and we will continue to worry when people are trying to get their bad products into the market with our name on. We are a reputable company which has been around for more than 100 years and a trusted brand as well so we are not happy about the influx of fake products.”

He added that: “It will be great if the government will have ways to check that goods that come into the ports are not unscrupulous products/”

“Government works with the standards authorities to ensure efficiency but we still have these fake products find their way into the market crossing from sometimes neighbouring Togo or other countries so it will be good if we are able to check all these things and also allow Customs to check closely with us,” he added.

Benjamin Ofori also advised the general public to do business with accredited dealers and rangers to avoid fake products.

“The more reason we are worried is that when these fake products find their way into the market they have a way of injuring the user and we do not want that to happen to any Ghanaian. I want to assure and encourage users to only deal with us to get original products and save money”.



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