Gov’t Urged To Educate Public On Constitution


By Alhaji Bashiru Zakari.

An Islamic scholar and educationist in Kumasi, Sheikh Mohammed Kamil Mohammed, has appealed to Government to educate Ghanaians about the Constitution of the country, which states the system of laws of people’s rights and duties.

Speaking to the media, the Islamic scholar said, majority of Ghanaians, especially Muslims fall victims of certain Laws in the Constitution, because they lack education on a particular law.

Sheikh Mohammed Kamil, was quick to mention laws like early marriage, where Muslim parents give their female child to marriage at an early age of 15.

He said although Ghana is not an Islamic country, Muslims in the country sometimes violate the law, if they acted according to their religion.
The Islamic Scholar and educationist made it clear that given marriage to your daughter at the age of 15 and above is not a sin according to the
tenets of Islam.

The Deputy Chief Imam said, a Muslim girl is allowed to continue her education, while in marriage.

He was quick to ask if there is no law against teenage pregnancy in the country.

Sheikh Mohammed Kamil Mohammed, who is also the Ashanti Regional Chief Imam of Ahlu-Sunna-Walja maat, and the Director of AL-AZHARIYA ISLAMIC SCHOOLS (Primary, J.H.S, S.H.S), called on the government to extend education on the Constitution to the Muslim Communities, in order for them
to know their Constitutional rights.

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