Gov’t Rubbishes IEA Corruption Report


On Presidency…But NPP Disagrees

Government has rejected a report quoting the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) as saying that the Office of the President is the second most corrupt public institution.

A statement signed by the Minister for Communications, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah said, “Government strenuously rejects any such suggestion that the Office is corrupt, let alone being the second most corrupt institution in Ghana.”

But the IEA, has defended its findings on why the Presidency ranked second most corrupt institution in Ghana, arguing that appropriate survey methods were used to generate the outcome and promised to open their doors to the Presidency or government if it wishes to have further insight into the survey and its outcomes.

The Minister stated that “the practice where groups or organisations purport to conduct polls and through a visceral approach publish their outcomes in a manner that seeks to create the impression of corruption does little to advance the fight against corruption”.

He, therefore, challenged the IEA to offer credible proof to back their claims, adding that, government has been taking far-reaching steps including reforms in public financial administration and the establishment of tighter controls as part of efforts to address the issue of corruption.

He also indicated that the IEA, must bring out for verification the methodology for the so-called perception survey.

According to Dr. Omane Boamah, it is a matter of public record that no Government, has done more to expose and punish corruption like the John Mahama administration.

He noted that organisations seeking to discuss the subject need to be guided by verified facts, not unfounded accusations hiding under the cover of perception.

Additionally, the timing of the release of this purported survey just a day before the President presents the Stat of the Nation Address cannot be lost on the objective minded members of the public.

Government, the Minister stated, would continue to focus on its transformation agenda and cherishes the continuous support of the citizenry towards the building of a Better Ghana.

The survey, according to the IEA, was conducted in all the ten regions of Ghana with persons aged 18 years and above as the target population.

Speaking to Citi News, a senior research fellow at the IEA, Dr. Ransford Gyampo, insisted that the findings were not concocted.

“We’ve carried out surveys and research over the years, it would be amazing to think that somebody sits down to concoct stories and to write about them,” he said; explaining “that’s not how we do our work.”

Dr. Gyampo, urged government and any other institution that feels victimized by the report to “drive through the Institute and we are ever prepared and ever ready to sit down and tell the story about how we came out with these findings.”

“If you want to know or get the data for your own analysis we are prepared to give both hard and soft copy information regarding what we have done so that you can do your independent analysis and assessment on the situation,” he added.
Meanwhile, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said many Ghanaians, are not surprised by the findings of the IEA.

The Director of Communications for the NPP, Nana Akomea insisted that Ghanaians “will not be surprised, because there is a very big perception out there that corruption starts from the head.”

Referring to some corrupt deals under the Mahama- led administration, Nana Akomea noted that about 20 million dollars given to the Savannah Accelerated Development Agency(SADA) for afforestation was wasted, adding that no one was asked to account for that huge amount of money.

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