Govt Must Wean Itself From Certain Subvented Institutions


At a symposium of stakeholders in the Volta Regional capital Ho, about two months ago, to discuss the impact the Single Spine pay Policy is having on the economy, it was agreed among others that the State should wean itself of certain Sub-vented Agencies.

It will be too early to start asking what government is doing as far as that recommendation is concern, but we at The Herald think that, that Is the only way to stop the incessant strikes that have become part of our national life.

We do not think that Institutions of higher learning such as the University of Ghana (UG), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), University of Cape Coast (UCC), etc, should rely on the consolidated fund to pay Lecturers and other supporting staffs.

The best Universities in the world are private universities, even in Ghana there are a lot of private universities doing very well and even paying more than how much lecturers in the public universities.

Although, most or all the private universities only get their monies through school fees, we are not suggesting that public universities should also charge astronomical fees. Our Universities and other institutions of higher learning must begin to focus on research for industries, especially pharmaceutical companies; telecommunication companies, breweries etc, instead of lazing about on campuses, and recycling notes, yet are always in a hurry to go on strike for allowances and bonuses.

Why can’t universities even raise internally generated funds to pay allowances and bonuses, so government would take care of salaries?
It is a shame that professors who are suppose to provide solutions, are themselves creating problems by way of embarking on strikes.

Another area government must consider doing something about is our major hospitals, at least the teaching hospitals. Why can’t Korle-Bu teaching hospital generate funds internally to take care of their staff?

When doctors from polyclinics and other small hospitals in the rural areas are embarking on strike and you of hear of doctors from Korle-Bu, Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital, also joining the strike action, it saddens our heart, because these are huge parastatals, in fact they are sleeping giants, sitting on gold mines.

We have to start thinking around weaning some institutions off the consolidate fund, so that there will be some monies left to take care of other developmental projects.

It is about time performance contracts are giving to workers, especially Managing Directors (MD), Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Vice-Chancellors etc, so that if they fail to meet it, they are fired. That is the only way we will not be paying people for doing nothing.

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