Gov’t Must Stay Its Hands Off Zoomlion If Its Wants To Make Accra The Cleanest City

In their desperate attempts to bring down one man, the current administration, which campaigned on the mantra of job creation, must be mindful of the consequences of the decision; they are taking against Zoomlion Ghana Limited.

Last Wednesday, the   Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Youth Enterprise Association (YEA), in a show of power organized a press conference to announce the abrogation of contract between the government of Ghana and Zoomlion.

Emmanuel Asigri, cited many reasons why Zoomlion does not deserve to continue providing the service and has called for other companies to put in bid, when a new process begins.

Over the years, Zoomlion Ghana Limited has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, some journalists and media houses, have made it a crusade that, until they see the back of the CEO of Zoomlion, Joseph Siaw Agyepong, they will do everything humanly possible, including fabrication and open hatred to bring him down.

Efforts of individuals builds nations, even the most advance countries and one that readily comes to mind the United States of America, has on countless occasions, come to their aid of their ailing companies.

Only last month, Donald Trump, president of the USA, declared America first and yet we are here destroying what it took years and effort to build.

Apart from the government, Zoomlion employs Ghanaians more than any single organistaion.  Granted that, they was everything wrong with the contract, logic dictates, we renegotiate with the company.

Since its engagement, Zoomlion has to prefinance the operations, because government is always in arrears, the service charge and how much is eventually paid the beneficiaries must not be taken on a face value.

A critical assessment of the numbers will reveal that, the company is actually running at a loss. It is the company that provides the necessary accoutrement, including the broom, uniform, wellington boots, as well as, all that is needed for work.

In our haste to undo the man, let us not throw away the baby with the bath water. Government is already struggling to meet its financial obligations; statutory payments are always in arrears, are they sure they can find the money to pay the people they are seeking to engage on a monthly basis?

We hope that, we will not be seeing demonstrations in the not distant future about government’s inability to pay salaries to the sanitation workers.

Ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor, in honour of his 79th birthday, called on the government to support Zoomlion to succeed. The saliva in his mouth, had barely dried and the government has decided to go against his advice.

We live to see how this unwise, unnecessary, vindictive, and uncalled for decision will go.  Government provides support for businesses, not crippling them. Nigerian president, Muhamadu Buhari, is showing the way for encouraging and motivating local entrepreneurs, we are here running them down for selfish interest.

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