Gov’t Exploring Coal Thermal Energy – Mahama


President John Mahama has promised that his administration is exploring other forms energy supply to address the growing demand for electricity.

The President pointed out that the demand for electricity far outstrips what is currently been produced.

“Our demand is rising at such an extent that hydro alone has not been possible to meet the demand for power in Ghana and so we’ve decided to use thermal generation by first using light crude but recently, we are seeing the addition of gas,” he said.

Speaking at the inauguration of the reconstituted Board of the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission (PURC), President Mahama said attention is also being focused on solar energy and coal thermal power generation.

According to him, Ghana has great potential with solar therefore it is one avenue which is being explored “and also possibly with coal-fired thermal generation.”

He said it is imperative that all these different kinds of power generation are put in place to ensure that citizens “ will not be affected by dumsor and even if ever there is dumsor in the future, it will leave more power available for business and industry.”

Ghana’s energy sector has been struggling to produce the required amounts of power to satisfy the energy needs of Ghanaians.

This has resulted in load shedding exercises which have been ongoing for over two years.

In a bid to solve the problem, the President has created a new Ministry of Power to specifically address the challenges in the power sector.

Other projects such as the gas infrastructure project by the Ghana Gas Company and host of others have are ongoing to save the situation.

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