Gov’t Creates Military Regime In Savelugu-Nanton


The Akufo-Addo government, has created an armed military administration in the Savelugu-Nanton Municipality in the Northern Region, blatantly disregarding concerns of members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the appointment of Hajia Ayishatu Seidu, as Municipal Chief Executive (MCE).

The members of the ruling party, have insisted on the unsuitability of Hajia Ayishatu Seidu, expressed doubt about her competence, commitment to the party and also revealed how she bribed her way through, to secure an approval from the assembly men, after her controversial nomination by President Akufo-Addo.

But the NPP members, who have been protesting and succeeded in preventing Hajia Ayishatu Seidu from going to office, woke up yesterday to the rude reality of armed military men, serving as security escorts to enable the disputed MCE of Savelugu-Nanton go to her office in the mist of the angry protests and uninvestigated bribery allegations.

The protesters, have since threatened to face the Military squarely, if they keep escorting the embattled MCE to the office every day.

The party youth, have since the nomination of Hajia Ayishatu Seidu, been against her, claiming they never saw her during the electioneering campaign and she has no clue what promises NPP made to the people of the area.

Assistant Secretary of the group, Gafaru Abubakar, told Adom News Regional Correspondent, Abdul Rauf Illiasu, they are well prepared to face the military, if they escort the MCE again today.

“We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the good of the area – we will come out in our numbers tomorrow and if the military try to stop us, we will face them,” he said.

“We are more than prepared to fight for the right thing to be done – we are not going to give up, unless the woman is no more the MCE,” Gafaru added.

In the midst of heavy security, the youth are also threatening to lock some of the offices in the Municipal Assembly building today.

In the heat of the protests and bribery accusations, Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Hajia Alima Mahama, who is a lawyer by profession, was shockingly heard calling on residents of Savelugu to desist from continually preventing Hajia Ayishetu Seidu, from working.

The Minister, also urged the media to do its part to educate the irate youth, who have been protesting against the approved MCE.

Many had expected her to investigate the bribery reports, but speaking at a one-day National Validation Workshop on Draft Fee-Fixing Guidelines, Hajia Mahama said “the MCE has been confirmed so I expect the media people to educate the people to know that the woman has been confirmed. In fact, she was confirmed on the first try.”

The NPP executives in the Savelugu-Nanton district of the Northern Region, insist Hajia Ayishetu Seidu, bribed assembly members to facilitate her approval.

NPP Northern Regional Chairman, Daniel Bugri Naabu, who himself was recently accused of collecting goats and sheep as bribe from people to have them appointed into the Akufo-Addo administration, was said to have referred to the NPP executives as “cockroaches” when the bribery allegation was brought to his attention for investigations.

The executives, insisted that, although they were assured by the assembly members that President Akufo-Addo’s nominee, Hajia Ayishetu Seidu, was going to be rejected, “their conscience was bought” with GH¢1, 500 after she successfully bargained their charge of GHc2, 500.00 at a hotel in Tamale.

“We are saying it is unlawful activity because she has bribed her way through and the Constitution of Ghana frowns seriously on corruption and now that she has started with corruption, if she settles down you should know what is going to happen”, the executives said.

They argued, it is an indictment on President Akufo-Addo to have a nominee who goes about bribing people when he the president, rode on fight against corruption to win power.

“Hajia Ayishetu has bribed the assembly members to confirm her which is a criminal act under the Constitution.

Without doubt, our great party won the 2016 election on the back of corruption, because discerning Ghanaians believed His Excellency Akufo-Addo, could fight this canker so for his nominee to induce assembly members with GH¢1,500.00 to confirm her, is an indictment on the president”.

Speaking to an Accra-based Citi FM after the protest march to present the 4th petition, leader of the group who is an NPP Polling Station Executive, Abdul Karim Zakaria, said they would do everything within their power to prevent Hajai Seidu from working, since the party is bent on standing their grounds.

“We are not going to countenance Hajia Ayishetu Seidu to be our DCE. We are prepared to sacrifice our lives to defend Savelugu-Nanton Constituencies.

As long as the party executives, the youth wing of the party and the people of Savelugu-Nanton municipality are concerned, Hajia Ayishetu Seidu, can never step foot to Savelugu-Nanton Municipal Assembly. She is never welcomed”.

We are ready to face the security but they should remember that we are fighting for the integrity of Savelugu, we are fighting for the integrity of the party, we are fighting for a justice course and we shall not stop they can use the security to harass us we are ready to face every challenge”.

According to the NPP folks, aside their corruption claim making the woman unfit for the position, they will resist every attempt by the party to impose her on them, because she is a complete “stranger”. They say, she is either a “registered voter in either of the two constituencies” or has ever “participated actively” in the constituencies.

On Monday, the defiant party executives with support from resident, demonstrated and presented a petition to the municipal coordinating director on Monday still holding on to their position.

They held placards which read; “Go back Hajia,” “We don’t know Hajia,” “We will never accept her,” “Nana Hajia Alima Mahama, is misleading you” among others.

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