Gov’t Commended For Increasing Allowance & Workers Salary


Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK), applauds the government for taking in high esteem, the welfare of workers, as well as national service personnel.

Per our independent research, we found out that on annual basis and before the national budgets are put together, some important steps are taken.
1. The National Tripartite Committee (made up of Organised Labour, Government & Employers Association) meets to discuss and propose a new minimum wage;

2. The Bipartite Committee, on the government side, also meet to discuss and propose salary reviews for public sector workers on government payroll;

3. Based on the recommendations from the above, the Finance Minister, will then factor them in the budget and present to Parliament for approval;

4. Once it is approved, the implementing agency
-CAGD, will go ahead and effect the changes in workers’ salaries in the coming year;

5. This year, due to the Elections, the Minister presented an interim budget for 2017 for the first quarter to Parliament (in October) and this was after the committees had met and made their recommendations. This is due to the fact that there could be a change of government and governance is a continuous process, not static.

So the question one will ask, is it a breach of the agreed procedures or regulations per the laws of Ghana ?

It is on that note we opine that the discussion as to whether its in good faith or not is of no relevance but it’s legality should be the focus.
Per our believe and effort in fostering economic issues of this country, we believe negotiated settlement should be the way forward for the incoming government since the inroads of the present government is not an act in bad faith. Rather, it is a brilliant and masterly feet.

Governance we believe must continue and not be halted because of a transitional process.
Building our motherland Ghana is an all inclusive effort.

We are involved!

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