Is Government Pampering UG?


Authourities of the University of Ghana (UG), have still not seen reason with the calls and appeals from members of the University community i.e. the students who are shareholders, as far as running the school is concern, as well as the general public that the imposition of tolls on the users of campus roads, was needless and uncalled for, despite explanations that it had secured a loan, it needed to serviced.

The Daily Graphic reported that The Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani, has asked the UG to stop the tolling. The Chief of Staff should direct his advice, appeal or whatever his calls was suppose to achieve to the authourities, rather than the media.

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Alhaji Amidu Sulemani, has also added his voice to calls for the University to halt the collection of tolls.

Yet the University has not heeded to any of the calls from Government officials, the students and the general public. The question we ask is that, is the Government appealing or telling them to halt this unpopular decision?

Government must be proactive and assertive, it is either they are for the toll or against it; else we open the floodgates for every Institution to want to impose their own levies or charge for services that are for public good.

Some People have argued that the university has the right to do what it is doing, but if it is that every right that has to be exercised, some people will claim the air is theirs and some people should not breadth.

The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the university, have been harder on their authourities than what Government officials are doing and they (Students), expect more from Government than they are currently seeing.

On Monday, there was news of Government agreeing to take over the loan, so the university should stop collecting the toll, but that in itself was sketchy as that could not be attributed to any Government official.

As the Ghanaians await Government decision, the university is still collecting the toll.

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