Government Not Paying Salary Of Black Stars’ Coach –Nyantakyi


The Ghana Football Association (GFA), has on its own spent a whopping Gh¢36 million since 2006 on the various national teams, the president of the football regulatory body, Kwesi Nyantakyi has revealed.

Speaking at the hearing of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry yesterday, Nyantakyi said, the body has been forced to look within to fund the teams, because the government has not been forthcoming with money.

The Ghana FA boss stated that although the regulatory body, had an agreement with the government to pay coaches, the State had so far relinquished that duty. He disclosed that the coaches of the other teams are owed $293,000 by the State. This he said, has forced the FA to settle the debt of which $117,000 has been cleared.

Nyantakyi said, the GFA had been able to bailout the government to the tune of Gh¢ 36million because it had raked in about Gh¢ 34.4 million from corporate bodies, who account for 74 per cent of all the revenue the GFA receives and monies from friendly matches which account for 17 per cent of all the monies the GFA receives.

According to him, the GFA is still saddled with a deficit of over Gh¢ 1million, which it had financed through contributions of clubs, fines and other monies the FA received from player transfers.

He is due to reappear before the fact-finding Commission, later today.
A confident looking Nyantakyi, told the three-member fact-finding body that he was ready to cooperate with the Commission to clear his name and that of the football governing body “of all misconceptions.”

The football capo, told the body looking into Ghana’s participation at the 2014 World Cup that he has been called several names such as “thief” among others, and feels the “brilliant work” the Commission is doing will give him the right platform to clear his name.

“When you are in football, they think you are a thief,” Nyantakyi told the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Commission of Inquiry. “You are presumed guilty before you prove your innocence… and I don’t think that is right.”

Nyantakyi, who lasted for a little over an hour on his first day, said despite the tight position in which the Ghana FA finds itself, it ensures that it sees to the pressing financial needs of the national teams, especially the junior ones.

The GFA boss, who is due to reappear today, called on the State to invest in football because it serves as an avenue to advertise the country free of charge to the rest of the world anytime the Black Stars or other national teams play in an international friendly or in a major tournament.

“If we pay more attention to football it will help our country. We have close collaboration with the State, except that the State is not ready” to pump money into football, Nyantakyi pointed out.

The Ghana FA chief, who said he was fired up for the Commission would reappear today and is expected to talk about the controversial appearance fee and player revolt during the World Cup in Brazil.

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