Government Must Sign Performance Contract With Civil Servants


Organized labour, has called on its members to go on strike on Thursday July 24, 2014, to register their protest on the current economic hardships being experienced by Ghanaians.

That same day marks the second anniversary on the passing of the late President, John Evans Atta Mills. We at The Herald do not want to read any mischief into this intended action, but rather want to focus on the sustentative issues raised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Chief among their concerns is the high and rising cost of living. This has become possible because productivity in this country is low.

The civil and public servants, have outlived every Government since Independence, Governments come and go, the only group of people who do not see any change after every four years are the members of the TUC.

Interestingly, every Government too since the days of our first President and founder, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, has suffered their sabotage, yet everything we are and what we have achieved or failed to achieve is as a result of the ineffective and inefficient workforce.

They demand so much from the Government, yet they give so little by way of productivity.

Thursday, July 24, will not be the first time; they go on strike, as that happens every day, except in a coordinated manner. A visit to any Ministry or Government agency, and you see them idling about, those you meet who are ready to help you deliberately delay, so that they will get you to grease their palms.

To who much is given, much is expected, over 70 per cent of our revenue goes to the payment of salaries and emoluments of these same ungrateful Ghanaians, who are not increasing production, so that Government gets more revenue to meet their needs and that of other

It is about time, Government sign performance contract with the Civil and Public Servants in this country, this will enable them track which worker or workers is performing and deserving of increment.

We also have what we called concessionary bargaining, if any worker feel, he or she is not content with what is happening, they can leave, holding the whole nation to ransom is not the best way out of our current situation.

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