Government Must Act On Teachers Strike


Various Teachers Union, have indicated their intentions to embark on nationwide strike. Some like the National Union of Graduate Teachers have actually made through their threats by embarking on a strike last week.

It is clear and apparent that many more will follow in the ensuing weeks. We recognize the fact that government is in crisis and is struggling to meet it statutory obligations, but there is one thing that cannot be taken for granted and gloss over and that is education.

Some of the Teachers, have not been paid their working allowances for the past twenty months, this is not a good story as the teachers need to be paid to get them to stay in the class room.

Times are hard and by holding somebody’s allowance or salary, for close to two years is unacceptable.

For us to prevent these habitual strikes, government must engage all the stakeholders and explain to them, where we are regarding our finances, but if the assurances keep coming, they will also expect more from the government.

The Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG), have also joined their counterparts also demanding their pound of flesh.

Interestingly, teachers are the largest elite group in the country and even government is desirous of retaining power in 2016, they do not want
to make enemies with them by creating mistrust.

The strike issue must be handled properly to prevent others from joining the bandwagon.

All you need to see series of strikes in this country is for one group to demand their fair share of the national cake, once that is satisfied,
others will also join suit.

The modalities for the implementation of the Single Spine salary Structure (SSSS), should be properly explained to workers, so that they will not
be demanding more than they deserve, because others are calling for it.

It is a good policy, as it has helped alleviate the suffering of Ghanaian worker, whose take home pay hitherto is nothing good to write home about, but it should not become an albatross on our neck.

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