Government Boost ICT Through Enhanced Community Information Centre


Government has underscored the need for Ghanaians to be part of the information knowledge world through easy access to information communication technology (ICT) under the enhanced community information centre (CIC) of the e-government project.

The concept is to increase ICT penetration in the country by deploying infrastructure across the length and breadth to bring the service to the door steps of every Ghanaian living everywhere to bridge the Knowledge gap.

The CIC facilities, offer opportunities to individual and students to use applications to enhance learning and teaching to develop potentials for future career advancement in other related fields.

The minister for communications, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah ,drew attention to government’s commitment to develop and expand the use of ICT during the handing –over of two CIC out of the proposed 21 for this year at Pantang village in the La Nkwantang-Madina Municipal Assembly and Ngleshie Amanfro in the GA south Municipal Assembly on Monday, May 4, 2015 with funding from CHINA EXIM bank .

He said, the facility was an opportunity to quicken the learning and teaching of ICT which is a driver in socio-economic development and wealth creation especially broad band internet usage contributing about one percentage point (1%) to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with every ten percentage point (10%) increase in usage.

He said, government has completed the deployment of 780km optic firbre cable to link over 120 communities along the eastern corridor road to improve internet connectivity for socio-economic advancement in areas of health, environment, Agriculture, Education, communication, security, governance and reduce time of doing business.

As part of the programme, the construction of the Eastern Corridor Optic Fibre Transmission Network which stretches from Ho to Bawku with a link from Yendi to Tamale is being embarked upon to light up the entire eastern portions of the country.

He urged beneficial communities to make good use of the facility to derive maximum benefit of ICT application but caution citizens to create awareness of its negativity to commit crime which is punishable by law.

He called on students in the catchment areas to build career in ICT to develop solution based application to address societal challenges.

He tasked managers of the facilities to develop a sustainable and innovative working plan to maintain the place and pay for utilities and expand the life span.

He said the e-government project to turn government institutions and agencies into ICT led organization to reduce time of doing business and ensure transparency is

The Government of President John Dramani Mahama, is pursuing a vigorous national broadband infrastructure development to reach all parts of the country to provide enough bandwidth capacity for ICT deployment to open up business opportunities, employment opportunities as well as promote research, innovation, training and skills acquisition.

Additionally, the e-Government Platform Project is deploying LTE technology and will further expand the broadband framework for the deployment of ICT Applications and usage in all sectors of the economy.

With the availability of broadband infrastructure, Government expects to rapidly expand access to quality education and place technology at the centre in building a knowledge-based economy and an information rich society in Ghana.

He commend the chiefs of Pantang Village and Ngleshie Amanfro for making available parcels of land and encourage other chief to emulate their shining examples to bring development to the people.

To grace the occasion were the Municipal Chief executives, Members of parliament, the chiefs and people of the various assemblies who expressed their appreciation for the gesture and pledged to take good care of the project.

The Huawei team pledged continuous support to Ghana through new technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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