Gospel Artist Urges Ghanaians To Consume Ghana


By Cecil Mensah

A renowned gospel artist, Miss Emilia Arthur in collaboration with ADfirst Consult, has launched a ‘Made in Ghana’ campaign to encourage Ghanaians
to patronize goods of Ghanaian origin.

The artist with the support from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, launched a video that would be aired on various television networks to urge behavioral change among Ghanaians.

Speaking at the launch attended by representatives of the Minister of Trade and Industry and various local manufacturers in Accra, Miss Arthur, said her ambition to ensure that many Ghanaians come to the realization that the nation has lot to offer its citizenry, was from her ministration across
the length and breadth of the country.

She noted that the only the challenge was that most Ghanaians do not really appreciate what they have been endowed with.
Most Ghanaians would rather patronize products from other nations; forgetting that by so doing, they are helping the economies of those states she explained.

“Since I was appointed an Ambassador for made in Ghana by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, I have been working to ensure that the goals of the Ministry are achieved.

It may interest you to know that before my appointment by the Ministry, I was already promoting goods made in Ghana in my own small way with support from my managers”, she said.

According to her, many Ghanaians who are supporting the course of made in Ghana; by wearing the local fabrics, enjoying local foods and other commodities produced locally have vision that one day Ghana will overcome.

“I must confess that since I started wearing local fabrics and enjoying local delicacies, I have never regretted it, in my daily lifestyle”, she said

She said in her bid to push her agenda as an Ambassador, she embarked on what is called 50 churches patriotic tour within a year to encourage Ghanaians to patronize made in Ghana goods.

She added that the aim of the tour was to speak with people and encourage them to buy and use items that are made in the country.

She noted that during the tour, she noticed that Ghanaians are not patronizing Ghanaian products because of the mentality that some of the goods produced locally are not of good quality and lack proper packaging and branding.

I made a trip to Wienco Company Limited, producers of Aduanehene rice, I realized that “we have nutritious local rice in the country but it lacked patronage, so as an Ambassador I strengthened my campaign on radio and in some newspapers to boost the patronage of this products”.

On his part, the Project Manager of the Made in Ghana Campaign, Mr. Saana Nyarko Debie, said the campaign was put together in 2014, and launched in 2015 by the President, John Dramani Mahama to encourage Ghanaians to patronize made in Ghana goods.

He took the opportunity to encourage manufacturers to apply for the Made in Ghana logo from the Ministry of Trade and Industry to boost the sale of their products across the country.

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