Golden Tulip Hotel Collapsing On Terkper’s Head

Angry Workers Strike This Week

The failure of the Minister for Finance, Seth Terkper, to act swiftly on a petition submitted to him by the workers of the Golden Tulip Hotels in Accra and Kumasi, about the dwindling fortunes of the hotel over the past two years, is likely to lead to a strike action this week.

As the workers prepare to lay down their tools in demand for better working conditions, they are also afraid the hotel may collapse soon, if nothing is done about its present situation.

The Herald, reliably is informed that the entire workforce of the hotel, partly owned by the Government of Ghana (GoG) and their Libyan counterparts, are laying down their tools over the bad management practices, nepotism and victimization at the respected hotel.

The hotel, which used be top on the list of four star hotels in the country, has had its standards fallen and is trailing at the bottom twenty five on the list of instrumental hotels in the country.

Golden Tulip Hotels, has been linked to very influential personalities including, the slain Libyan Leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and one of Ghana’s ex-First Ladies, Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings. It is unclear whether the death of Colonel Gaddafi, is what is affecting the hotel.

Meanwhile, The Herald, has learnt that a meeting scheduled by the Ghanaian managers, led by the Acting General Manager, Francis Deyegbey last Friday, August 8, 2014, to hear the concerns of the workers including, salary disparities as made available to the Minister of Finance, who is the Board Chairman, was ignored by the workers.

The Herald’s scouts, who in a meeting held by the leadership of the workers in a hideout in Accra, report that tension is simmering among the junior staff; they are angry at Ghanaians at management level over the long standing salary disparities and maltreatments.

The junior staff, complained about how their Ghanaians compatriots at the management level are enjoying all the goodies such as payment their wards’ school fees up to the university level, drawing of a whopping seventeen thousand Ghana Cedis annually as travelling allowances at a time the fortunes of the hotel are dwindling.

The agitated workers mentioned Madam Araba Quaygrin; the Human Resource Manager, Tahidu Bukari; the Sales Manager and Mrs. Bertha De-Graft Johnson; the Marketing Manager, as those who have over the years being enjoying these goodies, even though the hotel is collapsing.

The angry workers claimed that as the three Ghanaians in management are enjoying, those of them who have worked since the inception of the hotel over 15 years ago, take home a paltry sum as little as GH¢150.

“Some of us have even retired on the same salary, since we joined the hotel years ago”, one senior staff told the paper.

Some of the workers, classified as unskilled labour; made-up of the waiters and waitresses are also angry at how management is holding on to their tips for the past six months.

The tips The Herald learnt, given to the waitresses and waiters by clients through their credit cards to the tune of almost GH¢30,000, they could not understand why the Acting General Manager and his cohorts are keeping this amount, instead of releasing it to them to make up for the shortfall in salaries.

The Herald in the subsequent days, will be releasing details of the job evaluation exercise that management contracted a private company to conduct, but had been disregarded by Mr. Deyegbey and his men at the hotel.

More to come!!!

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