“God Changed My DNA”- Dr. Nyarkotey


Story By Yaw Obeng

 …recounts how a single Prophesy from ICGC changed his life.

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a celebrated, well-known and distinguished Prostate cancer researcher whose research centered on prostate cancer in black men. Dr, Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is also a prolific writer, a practitioner of Holistic Medicine and the National president of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG).He is a research professor of Prostate cancer and Holistic Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus. He was nominated for the maiden 40 under40 achieversAward for his work in charity. His charity, Men’s Health Foundation Ghana has become the leading prostate cancer charity in Ghana and West Africa.

At the under 40under40 achievers summit held at Kempinsiki in Accra, his story was also nominated amongst the top ten inspiring generation stories. He narrated his story on how he became a figure in prostate cancer. He gave accounts of six major things that worked for him to establish himself as a prostate cancer figure when asked by the moderator of the program. According to him, apprenticeship, encounter with God at International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Holy Ghost Temple with Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor, Education, Publications, Branding and Media exposure did the magic for his carrier.

Encounter with Prostate issues.

According to Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu; hisinterest in Men’s health started at a newly established but struggling clinic as trained Medical Sonographer diagnosing men with prostate issues. “At that time, awareness on prostate diseases was on a low note. I took the opportunity to understudy and eventually improved on it. I was the first employee at the clinic. After twoyears, the clinic made strides; and I was dismissed as Medical Sonographer… The genesis: I had established an ultrasound center at Dodowa and they claimed it is in conflict of interest.

I was perplexed and traumatized because ‘my all in all was in the facility’… I remembered some of the patients who heard of the news called the Doctor to advise him to rescind his decision but unfortunately, the answer was NO.

 It was at this point of the story that drew the people attention. He narrated his encounter with Prophet Christopher Yaw at the Holy Ghost Temple –Adenta-Fafraha. “Indeed, there is a Prophet at the Holy Ghost Temple of the International Central Gospel Church-ICGC, Adenta-Fafraha” he said.

According to Dr. Nyarkotey, On 6th   March, 2011, he went to the spiritual emphasis program dubbed “Breaking the Iron gate”. “Prior to my dismissal, I was at the first day of the program.Itwas my very first day at the Church. During the prayer session, the Man of God; Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor called for calmness and he said:“As I prayed, I saw an Angelic being and I heard the name –Obu”.Obu is my surname. He called the name for more than three times. In fact, I felt reluctant to go and surprisingly, he mentioned where I was sitting and the seat no. I said wow! Finally, I could feel a burning sensation on the seat until I rose up to go forward. The church started clapping as if it was a movie. Immediately I got to the Prophet, he said: “Practice like an Angel-Raphael”. He has now called my first name also-Raphael. Previously, he called my surname –Obu. Now he has finally mentioned the full name-Raphael Obu. He said.

It was at this point the conference room became very quiet at Kempensiki

Dr. Nyarkoety further said” He finally asked the church:“Who is Raphael”? He wanted someone to tell him the meaning of Raphael in the Bible. Raphael Means: Medicine of God, Healer or Doctor.It is also a Jehovahistic and Elohistic name of God:Jehova Rapha-The Lord who heals. He then asked: “Young Man, what do you want to be”? I was confused and was just looking at him. Finally, I said: “I want to be great in the future”.He said: “The Way to your greatness lies in your spiritual Welfare and if you will not change your confession, you will get to the destination God has for you. Furtherly, he said: “but I know there are wars, I know there are gates that need to open.He finally prayed and said “doors open and lets others also enters into this door.”This was how I became a full member of the church. ICGC changed my life, ICGC transformed my carrier, ICGC brought me hope he added. The conference room was very quiet.

 Encounter with Mr. Adwinsa

According to Dr. Nyarkotey, this Prophesy was the turning point in his professional carrier. So when he was sacked, he further took solace from this Prophesy and moved forward. One Day, he was invited by the Director of Adwinsa publications-Mr. Kwabena Amponsah who happens to be one of the patient at the clinic and advised him to further his education in the field of prostate cancer based on his passion at the clinic. “I told him at that time that this practice was for specialist such as Urologist. Even the person I worked with was not an Urologist so how do I do that? He said, “One of my nieces just completed the PhD program in Oncology so there is a way out”.

 Sheffield Hallam University, UK changed my professional life

“After extensive research, I chanced on a prostate cancer program being offered by Sheffield Hallam University, UK in collaboration with the biggest Men’s Charity in the UK-Prostate cancer UK and it was a Master’s program in Prostate cancer; I enrolled and completed successfully. It was the first ever modular program developed in the UK as a Masters aimed to trained health professionals as specialist in prostate cancer who have love for Men’s Health; also to train them as policy makers, ambassadors to be able help strengthen the fight in their various countries .

Disclaimer published against him

He recounts how a reporter at Daily Guide, Raphael Ofori Adeniran who he said played an important role in hiscarrier. “My articles started flying in the national papers and I was featured on TV and radio. In one of my interviews with Daily Guide; the reporter asked what triggers my love for prostate cancer. I told him my experience atthis clinic and fortunately I mentioned the name of the clinic. The Doctor was informed of the interview in the paper and they read different meanings. He angrily called me to warn me to desistsaying I know him anywhere or had ever worked for him. He threatened to sue me and not to include his facility into my CV.

The following week he published a Disclaimer against me in the Daily Graphic. The Disclaimer was to damage my reputation.But on that particular midnight: I was crying and the Lord gave me a song…He said I am with you, worry not as you love your brother as yourself then worries not. The Disclaimer was another turning point in my life. One of the patients who were very disappointed in my former employers called me. He was one of the boarddirectors at CCML. He introduced me to the HR of CCML and my charity was supported with four thousand cedis.” The Disclaimer became blessings! He said.

Encounter with Oheneba Ntim

According to Dr. Nyarkotey hisfirst book is being used by Oheneba Ntim on Oman FM to educate the public on prostate health” What everyman Must Know before & After 40 yrs.-Prostate HEALTH ”. Dr. Nyarkotey praises Oheneba Ntim for promoting his good work on prostate cancer on OMAN FM and thanked him for letting people hear of him in the world.

“I finally had encounter with Oheneba Ntim Barima at a Church Program at Medina. He was surprised to see that I am a young man.He said” I never knew he is under seventeen” it was another changing platform. He promoted me and had business partner from that program and today it has transformed into a life changingproject (RNG Medicine Research Lab and Hospital) which he said is opening soon.I am now celebrated in Africa especially in Nigeria for my fight against prostate cancer and I provide training and supervision to some Doctoral students on prostate cancer” he added.

Appointment as Research Professor at 31

He moved on with hisPhD (IBAM Academy) which the centered was also prostate cancer in Kolkata, India.

“Growing up, I promised myself to be a professor by age 35yrs. Was appointed as a research professor of Prostate cancer and alternative medicine at age 31 after I completed my PhD at age 30 and on my second Doctorate at the same faculty in Cyprus, Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine.Da Vinci appointment was the huge one and I represent the college in Africa.

I championed alternative medicine and pushed for policies in the country and was appointed as the National President of the Alternative medical Association of Ghana (AMAG). I changed the system and proved that medicine is not all about conventional medicine and was featured in the recent Joy FM Seth Kwame Boateng’s “Balls in Danger” Prostate cancer documentary with the conventional Urologist”

God Change my DNA.

“There is indeed a Prophet at the Holy Ghost Temple. The church changed my life and the only way to a successful life is to have an encounter with God. The spiritual life is pivotal to success in life and the Youth must accept Christ and lead his path for successful carrier.

Indeed our DNA is not our destiny. Our fate do not tied down the very day the sperm fertilizes the egg. It is only a roadmap and we have control on our DNA. God came into my DNA –my genes; to redirect it from the Dodowa forest and today I am recognized as a medical giant in the industry with my prostate cancer charity, Men’s Health Foundation Ghana.

He has this to say “I am always guided by this personal philosophy, which goes like this “the future you picture is the future you will feature, the ‘YOU’ you see is the ‘YOU’ you will become. Therefore picture a great future to feature and desire a great ‘YOU’ to become and the almighty God will see to it that you have featured in the future you have pictured and have become the YOU, you have desired. This is my story from the Dodowa Forest to under40 Nominee; how a single prophesy transformed my life, he concluded with rousing applause from the other nominees.

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