GNPC Crates Awareness On Volta Basin


…Begins Seismic Exploration Soon

The Swiss African Oil Company, has been awarded a contract for seismic exploration in the Volta Basin.

The company is to do some feasibility studies – Seismic exploration – along the Volta coast to find out if commercial oil, can be drilled in the area.

Seismic exploration, involves the search for commercially economic subsurface deposits of crude oil, natural gas and minerals by the recording, processing, and interpretation of artificially induced shock waves in the earth.

For this reason the Swiss African Oil Company in collaboration with the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) have held a stakeholders engagement to sensitize indigenes along the Coast in the Volta Region on the long term benefits they will derive from oil exploration.

Mr. Peter Dagbui, who is the representative to the Swiss African Oil Company said they are currently explaining the process to the people and the benefits that would e derived when the drilling starts.

“We have to find oil before even think of drilling which is the seismic exploration so that issues could be addressed on the drilling… ” Mr. Dagbui explained.

Swiss African Oil Company exploration and production license to explore and produce petroleum resources in the Keta Delta basin.

The license makes them the legal owners of the Keta Delta block, located in the Volta Region.

The acquisition makes Swiss African Oil the first to explore for oil onshore Ghana.

The Keta Delta block license was awarded following ratification by Parliament of a joint venture between the Government of Ghana, the GNPC, Swiss African Oil Company Limited.

The new block covers an area of 3,000 square kilometers and it is envisaged that the operations would provide employment and stimulate local development in the region.

According to the senior officer of environmental and health safety at the GNPC, Madam Philomena Donkor, the consultation is to educate the people on the project and the benefits they will derive from it.

Madam Donkor said that, the turnout was good and the aim was met. She explained that, the fishermen will not be compensated because the exercise is only drilling and this according to her will not affect their work.

Madam Donkor said that the people are happy about the process and they hope to have a lasting working relationship with the communities visited.

Communities in the Ketu and Keta municipalities with over 700 people, took part in the stakeholders’ forum aimed at sensitizing the public on the oil exploration.

Residence of Anloga and Agbozume, also took part in the stakeholders’ meetings.

A member of the delegation from the Swiss oil company, who is also a native of Alakple in the Keta municipality Mawuli Aspalin Dagbi, said he was impressed by the response of the people, saying Volta Region, has a lot of resources that needs to be used.

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