GNPC Boss, Koans Fight Takes New Spiral


The fight between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC), Dr. K.K Sarpong and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KOANS Building Solutions, Kofi Anokye, has taken a new dimension.

The KOANS CEO, has reported the GNPC boss to the Tesano Police for further investigations into the allege $2000 dollars given to him (Dr. K.K Sarpong) as a contract facilitating fee.

The CEO of the Koans in an interaction with the press, said he has  reported the GNPC boss to the police for breach of contract.

Mr Anokye, disclosed that the GNPC boss demanded an amount of GH¢10,000 to facilitate his transportation and communication in a US$50 million deal with an Iranian company and one Ernest Thompson of IMG (UK).

Upon further investigations, Sgt. Akunor of the Tesano police station, confirmed that they have received a report from Mr Anokye and are currently investigating the case.

The GNPC boss, recently sued the KOANS building and solutions CEO and five others for publishing a false article about him.

In a writ filed at the Accra High Court, the plaintiff averred that, the developer addressed a letter to the then acting national chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, that he demanded a total sum of GH¢10,000 to facilitate his transportation and communication company in a US$50 million deal with an Iranian company and one Ernest Thompson of IMG (UK).

He averred that, the defendant company and its CEO, claimed that they had met with him to discuss a potential business that sought to establish a business relationship with the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), which he was once the managing director.

He stated that, the plaintiff in the said letter claimed that he was paid $2,000 for the GH¢10,000 facilitation fee he charged, a statement the defendants knew as not true.

Attached to the suit are one Joseph Bediako, Isaac Kyei Andoh, two media houses,, and, which published the information on the said alleged meeting without verifying its authenticity.

Dr. Sarpong, said that he neither knew anything about the alleged IMG (UK) nor any Iranian company, which was mentioned in the letter.

Part of the plaintiff’s particulars touch on claiming and publishing that he allegedly received from Kofi Anokye all documentation in respect of Koans Building Solution’s alleged transaction, as well as contact details of a certain Iranian company, whose name was not even disclosed in the letter dated February 13, 2018.

He asserted that the defendants falsely alleged and published that he fraudulently requested an amount of GH¢10,000 from Kofi Anokye and received $2,000, which was offered for the alleged purposes of his communication and transportation, in furtherance of Koans Building Solution’s alleged pursuit of a gain of over US$50 million.

The allegations have exposed him to the right-thinking public that he is corrupt and fraudulent.

He also contended that since he left office as the Managing Director of TOR in August 2009, he has never had the capacity to influence, decide or direct any decision at the state oil refinery.

Dr. Sarpong, also claimed that Joseph Bediako, who is the convener of Movement for Truth and Accountability, tainted and blackmailed his name and image on Otec FM, as a corrupt and fraudulent person, who had refused to give an Accra estate developer his fair share of money out of a business transaction.

He also holds that Isaac Kyei Andoh who is the aide and the confidant of Kofi Anokye in reporting the defamatory statement made by Joseph Bediako never bothered to make any enquiry about the allegations from him.

He also holds that also published almost an unedited publication made by Isaac Kyei Ando as published by Awake Africa Magazine and

Dr. Sarpong has indicated that by the unguarded defamatory statements wrongly made by the defendants against him, he has been projected as a corrupt and fraudulent person and lowered in the estimation of right-thinking men in society, including persons that he superintends and manages at GNPC and globally, especially in the oil and gas industry.

He is therefore seeking a declaration that the defendants unjustifiably defamed him. He is also seeking an order that the defendants retract their defamatory statements and publications about him.

“An order that the defendants render an unqualified apology to the plaintiff”, the writ stated.

Meanwhile, in a statement of defence filed by Joseph Bediako, he denied defaming Dr. Sarpong, saying whatever he said was a caution to the plaintiff to resolve the issue before it gets to public knowledge.

He also stressed that he did not have anything to do with what Isaac Kyei Andoh does, writes, or posts on the various platforms he used.

However, all efforts to speak with Dr. K.K Sarpong, has proven futile, though several text messages to speak with him went unaswered.



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