GN Bank Website Not Hacked

The attention of management of GN Bank has been drawn to some information in the media and other social media platforms urging our customers to withdraw their deposits, because the Bank’s website had been hacked into.

Indeed GN Bank got wind of the hacking over the weekend and immediately moved to rectify the situation.

Our technical team are done with the restoration of the website and are in the process of implementing additional security patches to ensure non-occurrence of any such situation in the future.

Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to assure the general public that customer financial information including online banking data is intact and adequately secured.

GN Bank wishes to state categorically that customers’ deposits have not been tampered with as it’s being speculated. No Customer has lost a pesewa of deposits.

GN Bank assures her cherished customers that their deposits are safe. They can therefore verify their balances from their respective branches.

GN Bank apologises unreservedly for any apprehension caused our esteemed customers.

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