What Is GMA’s Take On Tobinco, FDA Saga


For sometimes now there has been a raging war between the Food and Drugs Authourity (FDA) and the Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, about the latter’s alleged importation of fake anti malaria drug called GSUNATE PLUS suppository for the treatment of malaria in children.
What surprises us at The Herald is the apparent silence on the part of Ghana Medical Association (GMA), who administers and prescribes the drugs to patients.

Doctors are the only people who can tell us the effect the drug has on patients, so that we can put this matter to rest.
What has been the response of parents who have given this medicine to their children based on prescription by the doctors?

We live in times, where doctors whose duty it is to save lives have themselves become politicians. At any given opportunity they want to embark on strike actions just to embarrass the government, and yet when issue as serious as the criminal attempt by a pharmaceutical company to kill the future generation of this country comes up they have kept mute.

Well-meaning Ghanaians, will not have been bothered if the drugs was for the treatment of malaria in adult, because we can tell when something is wrong with our bodies, but children who cannot voice out how they feel is what is causing the anger.

We cannot continue to only want to be heard when the matter only concerns us or when our salaries or allowances are concerned.

Doctors must be seen to show interest in the health of their patients. The drug could cause harm to anybody regardless of who is concerned.
Ghanaians are expecting them to say something about the drug. Is the FDA justified in their actions or not. The matter must be put to rest once and for all.

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