GJA Should Have Awarded New Crusading Guide For Chieftaincy Reporting

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In the wake of a widely accepted notion that, the New Crusading Guide newspaper has done so much for the Chieftaincy institution, it will be only fair, appropriate and deserving if the Ghana Journalists Association, will create a new category to reward the paper for promoting our heritage.

Newspapers in Ghana, have become Jack of all trade and masters of none, except the New Crusading Guide that, has cut a niche for itself and is actively promoting chieftaincy issues.

I was disappointed when a fortnight ago, during the 23rd GJA Awards, the association failed to recognize the noble contribution of the paper to the sustenance of our revered Chiefs.

Chieftaincy issues are very important, since they are the bedrock of our very existence. Before the British invaded our shores and colonized us, our Chiefs, were the symbol of authourity. Some of our chiefs were instrumental in our struggle for independence.

They have thus, been contributing their quota to the socio-economic development of this country. As a country, perhaps we have not also given to them, as much as they have to us.

Through the New Crusading Guide, I have been able to learn a lot about the customs and traditional rites of many stools, especially, who qualifies to ascend a particular throne.

If their publications does not tickle our fancy and raise our curiosity to warrant an award, then I don’t know what appeals to our sense of heritage.

A lot of us do not care or bother to know our heritage, we have imbibed everything foreign and with the introduction of democracy, our chiefs and chieftaincy issues, no longer have a place in our thoughts.

We have newspapers focusing on every facet of society; we have political, business, entertainment, sports, fashion, newspapers and magazines, but none on chieftaincy.

It is indeed a shame for a country with a rich and diverse culture, not to have newspapers dedicated to telling our story.

It is my hope and prayer that, as we move forward, we do not forget to look back from whence we came from.

It is said that, no man points to his hometown with his left hand, but as a people, we have done that, and continue to do that.

Aside the New Crusading, few television stations, have also taken up the challenge and responsibility to tell our stories, notable among the stations is UTV, which has a dedicated period to show our culture and heritage.

I have learnt a lot watching UTV, festivals that I have not heard of, and the ones I already know of, how they are celebrated and the rationale behind the celebrations.

Our heritage is too important to be left to these two media organizations, every media house, should get onboard, before we all live to regret.

The GJA, has over the years recognized hard work and rewarded, yet the New Crusading Guide, has not won anything, despite their effort at promoting chieftaincy issues.

It is important that we acknowledge that sacrifice and make conscious efforts to make them know, we appreciate, what they have been doing over the years.

As someone, who does not understand Ga, and obviously its tradition, the New Crusading Guide, has through its publications enlightened me about the culture of the people of Accra.

Over the years, indigenes of Accra, have gone through turbulent chieftaincy crisis, leading some time to chaotic situations, as and when the issues are resolved, only one newspaper, has made it a mandate and its contribution to the promotion of the people of Greater Accra.

A week never passes, without the paper carrying one story or another, informing us about what is happening in our chieftaincy institution.

The National House of Chiefs, must sponsor an award scheme, so the GJA, is able to award the New Crusading Guide.

Our traditional stories have not enjoyed the kind of attention one expects. The simple conclusion one can draw is he who pays the piper dictates the song, so they should get involve, so that, we don’t only have to be reading only the negative things that is happening with our chieftaincy institution.

We have long awaited a change in its media narrative, but it is obvious not much can change until our chiefs and traditional authourities take the driver’s seat and tell the stories that, we have all been longing to hear.

Notably, festivals are is the most unique thing about a people’s identity, as it conveys their cultural heritage in ways that increase their creative diversity, beautifies their individuality in diversity, as well as help to advance age-long cultural values and traditions, but how many do we know of, the Kwahu festival, has now become a fun fair and people, don’t even know what the festival stands for.


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