GJA Must Crack The Whip On Wayward Media Houses


We write for different reasons and for different audiences. Though, one fact stands out: we either write for posterity or for tomorrow.

Ordinarily, we are not in the business of taking on another media house and questioning its mode of operation, but we are compelled as part of our responsibility to uphold the ethics and sanctity of the profession to question the professionalism of the New Free Press, for their story accusing the Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II of bribing some Supreme Court Justices, to declare President John Dramani Mahama, as the validly elected President of the 2012 elections.

Sometimes, as a media house, you receive reports and phone calls from all sorts of people, with different allegations leveled against one person or another.

Every media house worth its salt, will have to decipher the information and separate the chaff from what is news worthy. The media have been used as the harbinger to foment trouble in some of our neighboring countries, one irresponsible reportage and the whole country could go up In flames.

What purpose was the news item intended to achieve? This is nothing but a gutter journalism that must not be allowed space in the landscape of the profession.

Controversy sells, sensationalism sells, but if a story although could sell but once it borders on emotions and sensitivities you don’t go to town with it.

Members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), are up in arms against the Justices of the Supreme Court who presided over the Election Petition case, accusing them of not dispensing justice, so any publication that seems to suggest that the eminent Justices were bribed is not healthy at all.

What interest has the Otumfuor to be the one to bribe the Judges? The day we lose faith in the judiciary, is the day everything goes out the window.

There are only two outcomes, when you take a matter to court, it is either you win or lose. The judicial system has provided another window of opportunity where one can appeal and in the case of an election, you can go for a review. All this was opened to the Petitioners, it was Nana Addo who said he was not seeking review, so why this story.

The media must begin to be responsible; the standard is falling at a rate that is not good. Anybody who can write or talk thinks he or she can be practicioner.

The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) and the National Media Commission (NMC), must begin to sanction the people who are dragging the name of the profession into disrepute.

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