Give Us 2 Years, We Can Change Ghana -UPP


The Ashanti regional Chairman for United Progressive Party (UPP), Mr. Crosby Charles Armah has said that, their newly formed political party under the able leadership of Kwesi Addai, affectionately called “Odike” has the required governing strength to change the face of the declining economy of Ghana into a better one within a reasonable period of two years.
The current number of experienced executives of good academic and practical standing from the highest hierarchy to the lowest from other political parties, trooping in to register their membership at an unprecedented rate, Mr. Charles Crosby Armah, during an exclusive interview with this paper, has what it takes to salvage the dying economy, hence the need for Ghanaians to consider embracing them as the new party better to govern the nation than the tried and tested the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party( N.P.P).
Mr. Charles Crosby, placed on record that Ghana, has reached the stage where the leadership capacity should be given to a new face of political party which is no other than UPP instead of NPP and NDC so they can prove to entire nation that UPP can better position the economic state of Ghana within the shortest possible time.
According to the regional chairman, the much trusted political parties NPP and NDC even with the abounding natural resources have failed to make a convincing and proper utilization of them making things worse for even an ordinary Ghanaian and therefore has every reason to doubt as to whether they have the solution for the national predicaments face currently.
Based on the aforementioned, Ghana he averred needs an up-to-the-minute political party and a leader in the person of the much talked about businessman but a politician “Odike” who due to his over 30 years of expertise as an industrious man of commerce has been able to make a great impact which can be translated into his presidential ambitions.
For the regional Chairman, Mr. Charles Crosby, the nation as it stands now requires the leadership of a business oriented character than of any other professional. “Ghana needs a businessman and not a lawyer or a Doctor” he disclosed.
Touching on the status-quo of UPP, the party he announced is now more attractive than before visa-vie the number of female aspirants vying for parliamentary seats in the region and beyond, adding that United Progressive Party has come to survive.
In much regards to the political make-up of UPP, the regional Chairman, is optimistic of UPP’s victory under the leadership of Mr. Odike come 2016, hinting that the conquest of the party, will be described as a great political Tsunami across the nation.

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