GIMPA Brouhaha: We Haven’t Been Petitioned – Tertiary Council


The National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), has not received a petition from the staff of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) for the dissolution of the governing council, the body has said.

The staff petitioned the president to immediately dissolve the council, after they passed a vote of no confidence against the council’s leaders chaired by Dr. Christina Amoako-Nuama.

But the GIMPA staff, have been advised by the Deputy Minister in charge of tertiary education, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, to formally petition the NCTE for investigations to commence.

However, speaking to Citi News, the Executive Secretary of the NTCE, Prof. Mohammed Salifu, said the Council was yet to receive any formal complaint from the GIMPA staff.

“The NCTE exercises oversight over all the institutions and so if something is going to the higher authority like the Minister or the Presidency, it has to go through the advice of the NTCE. So the right procedure for them was to pass it through the NCTE to the president, they haven’t done that.”

Prof. Salifu, said though dissolution of the council was possible, he said there was the need for thorough investigation before such decisions are taken.

“Governing councils can be dissolved but it has to be based after several determinations have been made. It cannot be done on simple complaints or grievances which could otherwise be resolved within the internal conflict resolution processes,” he added.

Dissolve council now
President of the GIMPA Senior staff Association, Dr. Stanley Coffie had accused the current leadership chaired by Dr. Christina Amoako-Nuama of mismanaging the institution.

He also accused the council of being unable to appoint a registrar for close to seven years.

“The council’s decision on the appointment of the registrar is unacceptable. After going through the whole process and coming out with a successful candidate they then said the candidate is not outstanding and then changed their mind following initial approval of the candidate and we think this
is not acceptable. This is not the first the council has not been able to appoint a substantive candidate to hold the registrar position for the last seven years. We think it is deliberate, it doesn’t help the school and we want to see an end to that deception,” he added.

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