Ghana’s Youngest Farmer


Story by: Emmanuel Amoquandoh (Kwesi Kum)


The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Agona East, Mr Martin Luther Obeng, has promised to adopt and sponsor Shardrack Ohene Eku, Ghana’s Youngest Farmer.

He made this comment at the recent National Farmers Day at Kwesi Kum, a small village within the Agona East District in the Central Entral Region.

“I will adopt him and personally sponsor his education to the university level. I will take him out of this place and send him to one of the good School in Agona Swedru, preferably, Greenfield Preparatory School and help him futher to enter into Animal Husbandary”, said Mr Martin Luther Obeng.

He said this just after he had presented an award to the 7 year old farmer during the 2013 farmers’ day celebration.

Though Shadrack Ogene Eku, was not enlisted among the prize winners, the the DCE Mr Luther Obeng promised an amount of 500 Ghana Cedis to be given to the boy to help him expand his Livestock Farming.

About Shadrack
Shardrack Ohene Eku is a Class 1 pupil of the Agona East District Assembly – A.D.E.A. Primary school in the Agona East District.
He is the last of 5 children to Mr. Ohene Eku and Maame Ama Atta all of Kwesi Kum.

According to Shardrack’s father, Shardrack started the Livestock farming two years ago, when he was only 5 years. Mr. Ohene Eku said, it all started when a friend of his gave him two animals to take care of so that when the animals deliver, they would share them.

He said after a while, people begun to insult him, because the animals used to destroy people’s crops and other foods. He decided to sell the animals to avoid the insult because they were too much for him.

He said after he sold the first one, his fifth born, Shardrack Ohene Eku, expressed interest in the last female goat. Despite all the dissappointing comment given by his father, Shardrack told his father that he would care of the female goat.

Mr. Ohene Eku said, upon the boy’s insistance, he decided to make a pen for him to keep the animal and after two years, Shardrack Ohene Eku has six goats to his credit.

Mr. Ohene Eku said, when Shadrack closes from school, he would go to the farm to get food for the animals and after that he will pick his books in the evening and learn before he goes to bed. That is a routine task of Shardrack Ohene Eku, said Mr. Ohene Eku.

Shardrack Ohene Eku’s mother, Maame Ama Atta, a Farmer and a Trader said Shardrack Ohene Eku is very respectful, Hardworking, Straight forward and very Studios.

Shardrack Ohene Eku’s mother said apart from all he does, he attends Church regularly.

Award Presentation.
Awards were given to winners to various people, who were best in their respective field, such as Best Maize Farmer, Best Physically Challenged Farmer, Best Cassava Farmer, Best Vegetable Farmer, Best Oil Palm Farmer and Best Plantain Farmer.

Best Non-Traditional Farmer, Best Cocoa Farmer, Best Piggery Farmer and Best Small Ruminant Farmer.
They were given Wheel Barrows, Wallanting Boots, Lamps, Clothes, Clocks Trays, Cutlasses, Soaps and a Knapsack Sprayer.

The overall best Farmer in the District was Madam Ernestina Djanitey. She was given a six-inche size Matress, a bicycle, Catlasses, Wallanting Boot, Soaps, Clock, a full piece of Clothe, a tray and a Knapsack Sprayer.

Mr. Kojo Essuman, a 65 years old was also awarded for his hard work and his contribution to the nation’s development, despite his physical condition. He was also promised 500 Ghana Cedis by the DCE.

Mr. Richard Marcus Odame, the Agona East District Director for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture urged young people to enter into farming.
He said, they would be introducing new types of crops and asked them to register very early when the time is due next year.

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