Ghana’s Democracy Churning Mediocre Leaders


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Ghana, since 1992, when we ushered in the Constitutional dispensation is gradually becoming a country of mediocrities.

These days, just anybody can be anybody in Ghana. A carpenter can be appointed as Minister of Health. A doctor can become a Minister of Trade and Industry. Qualifications matter little. It is “Turn-by-turn Ghana Limited.”

Any lazy man or woman, who has time on his or her hand, wakes up in the morning, has a long stretch and then comes to a sudden decision: “I am going to run to be President of the republic of Ghana.”

Two weeks later, the persons organizes a press conference and he or she is interviewed about his/her candidature on one of the numerous radio stations, sadly this interviews, usually takes place on the twi spoken stations, after having managed to convince a journalist or media house that has nothing good or positive story to report on.

Do any of their family members really believe such a person; has a chance of becoming president of Ghana? No, yet the person still believe everything is possible, because it is Ghana.

Soon even a visually impaired person, can become the goal-keeper of the senior national Team, The Black Star, we are gradually getting there, if nothing is done.

Ghana, is a democratic country in a truly Ghanaian sense of the word. Just about anybody can be president of the country.

Madam Akua Donkor is a farmer, then she metamorphosed overnight into a politician. From there, she received a divine call to run for president of Ghana. Nobody seemed to be bothered by this. Nobody laughed at her presumptiveness; we all embraced her, without asking her the critical question; does she know what it takes to be President?

Instead political parties started making overtures at her, some even went to the extent of giving her a car, no one thought it necessary to suggest to her to start off by running for Parliament or Assembly Woman.

If anything was clear by her actions, it was that presidents in Ghana don’t get much done anyway. Therefore, the first choice of a political neophyte like Akua Donkor, was to run as president, not as MP or Assembly woman.

Hassan Ayariga, from nowhere and with limited experience politically, also realized that, not making questions are demanded of those seeking for high office in the country. He also saw an opportunity in a party that, is not set to grow. He put himself up and like joke, like joke, he was elected to represent the Peoples National Convention as its flagbearer for election 2012.

He certainly overlooked the Legislative arm of government. He refused to consider running for the Assembly man of his electoral area. He considered a Unit Committee Members to be beneath his aspirations. He clearly felt running for any of these positions would not cut it. In Ghana to be President, experience is irrelevant. Presidents don’t get much done anyway. Therefore, the first choice of a political for Hassan Ayariga, was to run for president.

His abysmal performance is a topic to be discussed for a long time to come. He did not exit the scene, without leaving behind a satire. As if that is not enough, when he failed to secure another spot to represent the PNC in 2016, he has decided to form his own political party.
What serious country, would grant Hassan Ayariga, a license to form a political party. Do we just give licenses to individuals without meeting the requirements set out in the political parties act?

We need to get serious in this country, if ever we want to leave something behind for posterity.

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, after having served the country as the longest first lady and after having been elected as the first vice-chairperson of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), also had a vision that, she will be the first female President of the country.

What did she do, she resigned from a party that she suffered to build to form another party, with a bold claim that she will be president. She would want to run the country y prayer and fasting, should she win the 2016 election.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, wants to become President because God said so. To him the presidency is his birthright. He has not given up his dream, even when it is obvious that, his dream will only remain what it is.

Nana Addo’s claim aside thinking it is his birthright is that we know him from long and that he has taking part in all the major demonstrations in this country.

No doubt this country is not witnessing any meaningful development; no candidate has a blue print, as to how to move this country forward.

Anybody, provided they meet the Constitutional requirement think, it is alright to put themselves up for the highest office of the land.

Running a nation, has been left to men and women who are ill-prepared to run it, those who aspire to occupy the highest office of the land, do not also understand what it takes to do that.

Ghana is a country where true presidential materials never get to be presidents. Many are celebrated in death as the best presidents Ghana never had. On the contrary, we have many examples of men, who glory at becoming presidents unexpectedly, without plan or purpose, that means people become president who don’t have a clue what to do when in power. When they become president, they register in a school and start to learn the ABC of public policy. By the time they reach JSS 1, their term is over. Then they will be advocating for the extension of the time limit, as ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor suggested.

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