Ghanaians Must Stop Putting Money In Other People’s Pocket


Towards the end of last week, a lot of things happened that is worthy of commenting and commendation.

The sterling and immeasurably contribution of our gallant farmers was recognized and duly rewarded across the country, at the 30th celebration of Farmer’s Day.
Last Saturday, the second edition of the National Sanitation Day was also held across the country. Ghanaians came out in their numbers in a communal spirit which we are noted for to help clean the environment.

At the Farmer’s Day celebration, in recognition of the theme for the day “Eat what we grow”, the President, John Dramani Mahama, admonished and advice Ghanaians to patronize made in Ghana goods.

This is a call that we should not belabor about, as we all know that until we grow, what we eat and eat what we grow, this country will never develop and compete favourably against other nations.

We have over the years, paid lip service to the call to promote our own, we have developed an insatiable taste for foreign goods, to the extent that people are now acquiring foreign accent. We do not only want to eat and wear what is produced elsewhere, we want to talk like them, walk like them and want to look like them, by toning our skin, in what is known as bleaching.

Since Independence, all our successive governments have tried relentlessly, but unsuccessfull to promote made in Ghana goods, the more they try, the more we spend in terms of import, for basic goods that can be produced here in Ghana.

Our balance of trade is not favourable at all, we have made it our stock in trade to put money in the pockets of other people, for as long as we continue doing what we do, unemployment will remain a problem.

We must all make individual pledge that from today onwards, everything we wear or eat, must be produced in Ghana.

The President is one person; he needs the collective effort and commitment of all to be able to get this country to where we all wish it to be.

Once again, we congratulate our gallant farmers and each and every Ghanaian, who came out to help clean the environment. We hope that next month; will be better than
this month and the one before it.

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