Ghanaians Must Shun Taste For Foreign Goods -Lloyd Evans


By Cecil Mensah

A retired journalist and President of the Institute of Financial and Economic Journalists (IFEJ), has made a passionate appeal to well –meaning Ghanaians to shelve their incessant taste for foreign products to boost the gains of the economy.

Mr. Evans, formerly the Business Editor of Daily Graphic, made this appeal when the members of the institute interacted with the campaign members of the Made in Ghana (MiG), a committee set up by the president John Dramani Mahama to promote made in Ghana goods under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) in Accra.

According to him, by so doing, Ghanaians will leave a legacy for their children and ensure their children’s future.

He said, the more Ghanaian grows the taste for these foreign goods, the more economies of the importing countries, would continue to grow at the detriment of local businesses in the country.

“Ghanaians must change their attitudes towards foreign goods as there are equally good goods made of quality by the local companies in the country”.

He said, research has shown that Ghana expends close to four billion Dollars on imports and exports annually only on twenty-three products, including poultry and rice.

Nana Akrasi-Sarpong, a sub- chairman of the Communications and Marketing committee of the Made In Ghana campaign, said the campaign has various sub-committees that spearhead its activities in the promotion of locally made goods.

He said each sub-committee under the campaign has their own reference in the development of ideas to make the campaign work on the theme: ‘Buy Ghana, Build Ghana’.

He explained the campaign has since developed strategies to make Ghanaians buy into the idea of protecting indigenous companies from sub-standard foreign goods.

He said a draft policy has been sent to Cabinet to give legal backing to the campaign in ensuring standards.

He revealed that the policy was to regulate the environment and to change Ghanaians attitudes towards made in Ghana goods.

On his part, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr EkwowSpio-Gabrah; noted that the national sensitization programme was to bring to the attention of the public the work of the campaign since it was inaugurated by the President.

He said, the committee has been working in the past 15 months sharing in the belief that the campaign was a major killer to the taste of foreign goods in the country.

He added that as part of the campaign the Ministry of Education will no more import chalks for learning activities.

According to him, these products could be made entirely here with the lowest technological know-how.

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