Ghanaians Must Show Gratitude


Ghana is a beautiful country with beautiful and wonderful people. We are among the blessed countries in the world, yet we are the most ungrateful among countries.

God has given us everything, both human and natural resources. Not too long ago, Ghana discovered oil in commercial quantities and this country is now among the oil producing nations.

Drive through Accra, from Friday night to Sunday night, despite our complaints of no money, all the clubs, drinking spots, restaurants are filled to capacity.

Go to the Accra Shopping Mall on Saturdays and Sundays and you won’t even get a place to park. The mall is full of activity, until the shop closes, people flood the place.

All the Shopping Malls, including Melcom, Palace along the Spintex Road all have their fair share of human traffic.
All the major restaurants along the Osu Oxford Street are well patronized. Hotels in Accra and other parts of the country, despite the high and exorbitant prices, they are fully booked.

How many estates are not springing up in Accra, the high rise buildings that are taking over Accra is amazing, Ghana will soon become a concrete jungle.

Our roads are chocked from Monday to Saturday with cars. Traffic is everywhere; new cars are registered every day.
Among all these, the best thing God had given us is peace. Many countries are spending millions of dollars every year, just to have a semblance or a little of what we have.

Despite all these bountiful blessings, we complain more than any nation, if only we can appreciate what God has given us and start looking for ways to harness and pull our strength and resources together, we can achieve a lot for this country and even extend it to other African countries.

We are the first to do and achieve everything in sub-Saharan Africa. First to gain Independence, we actually led the struggle for the emancipation of many African countries. Even against all odds, when everybody thinks we are at the brink, we pull through. What about our recent thrashing of Egypt in a world cup qualifier. We are on our way of making history again, the first African country to take part in the World Cup three times in a roll.

There were countless coup d’états in Africa, that took millions if not thousands of innocent people, yet most of the coup d’états we had in Ghana, were bloodless, as compared to other jurisdictions.

What again do we want from God? Like the Israelites in the Bible, despite manna, they still defied God. Our problem is that we are lazy. We mostly want to reap where we have not sown.

We need to start saying thank you to God, by acknowledging that despite our complaints of there is no money, things are hard, God has been good to us, and he will do more, if we give him thanks and praise.

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