Ghanaians Must Lend A Hand In Cleaning The Environment


On Saturday, June 6, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, organized their monthly Clean up exercise dubbed, the National Sanitation Day, which is observed the first Saturday of every month. The exercise was carried out simultaneously in all the ten regions of the country.

An exercise that was supposed to attract a lot of Ghanaians came and went without the involvement of the same people, who litter the environment.

On Thursday, after the heavy downpour that claimed over 100 lives and destroyed properties worth millions of Cedis, all of us expressed concern over the indiscriminate dumping of waste in the country, especially in Accra that had choked gutters, not allowing free flow of waste water.

The problem was caused by us, we all had a shared duty and responsibility to lend a hand in cleaning the mess, we ourselves created, but unfortunately that has not been seen on our part.

We are failing ourselves as a people, what legacy are we bequeathing to the unborn generation?

We will rather take part in exercises that do not advance our course, but abstain from a laudable initiative like the National Sanitation Exercise.

Without not being taken out of context, how many people turned up for the dumsor vigil, organized by some celebrities in the country. The vigil was well patronized, because the intention was targeted at the government.

Politicians, who by themselves were part of the problem, joined the vigil, just to make the government unpopular.

The same energy and patriotism that was exhibited during the last month vigil should have motivated the celebrities to also organize their fans to help clean-up Accra.

As we are as usual shedding crocodile tears, tears that will dry the day the sun set. What happened last Thursday is unfortunate, but what we need is attitudinal change. We should stop the petty politicking greeting us every morning and now in the afternoons and discuss important issues such as, educating Ghanaians not to be build on waterways, dumping of refuse into gutters, poor drainage system etc.

We were very happy to see the solidarity messages of condolences from all the political parties in the country, but we plead with them to rally their members, so that next month, they will come out in their numbers to support the National Sanitation Exercise.

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