“Ghanaians Must Develop Spirit Of National Intererst”-Mr. Akuoko


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo, Kumasi

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yaakson Herbal Centre, Mr. Yaw Akuoko Nelson, has made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to cultivate a spirit of national interest to help in accelerating the development of the country.

He said, “Most of the citizens are not committed enough to sacrifice for the country, instead they have allowed individual gains to surpass that of the country”.

He was of the view that if people from the top to down do not change their mentality and work collectively to propel the agenda of the country, the developmental agenda of the country will not be achieved.

Mr. Akuoko Nelson in an interview with this reporter said, “Irrespective of the work one does, it must serve the interest of the nation”.
“It is crucial that all people be collectively responsible in contributing to the process of developing the country,” he said.

Mr. Akuoko Nelson, wondered how the country was hugely endowed with rich resources, yet her people are still struggling to find solution to their basic needs.

“I don’t believe the end time prophesies being the reason why as a country we are not attaining the desired developments. The banes of the country, are attributable to lack of committed leaders over the years, “he remarked.

Mr. Akuoko Nelson, commenting on the herbal industry, stressed the need for injecting technological knowledge into the sector to make it vibrant.

According to him, adhering to modern standard practices, will add impetus to the development of herbal products in the country.

Mr. Akuoko Nelson, who revealed that he has been practicing herbal medicine for almost two decades, averred that those practitioners in the sector, who usually blame the Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA), for collapsing their business, are rather those who are not ready to acquaint themselves with the modern dynamisms in manufacturing herbal medicines.

He thumbed up for FDA for constantly educating them on standard and safety measures which encouraged them to add value to their products.
He said, currently some of his herbal medicines meant for diagnosing malaria, typhoid, stroke, are exported to countries like Canada, Angola, London, Ivory Coast, among others.

He was of the opinion that since global statistics have revealed that 60 percent of the world’s population depended on herbal products for treatment, it would not be out of place if the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), included the certified herbal medicines among the drug list in its operations.

Mr. Akuoko, however, expressed worry about lack of fund to support the growth of the herbal industry.

He pointed out that if enough funds were pumped into the sector, most herbalists, could produce herbal drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases.

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