Ghanaians Must Be Patient , While Mahama Fix The Dumsor Crisis


The anger of the powerless is indeed useless, this saying never used to make sense to me, but now it does, when I sit and think about the current power crisis that Ghanaians have had to endure.

The President, John Dramani Mahama, yesterday in delivering the State of The Nation Address, told Ghanaians that he does not intend managing the energy crisis as has been done in the past, but he wants to fix it.

On Wednesday, speaking at a public forum in Accra, the Director of Planning and Business Development of the Volta River Authourity (VRA), Mr Kofi Ellis, said the Akosombo Dam, which has a maximum water level of 278 feet, was currently operating at 244 feet, just four feet above the minimum water level of 240 feet.

He said, because of the water level, the VRA had been forced to operate four of its six turbines to generate about 500 megawatts (MW).

Each of the turbines generates 140MW, instead of 170MW.

If this trend continues the situation as we currently have will get worse, the question I asked myself was, can it get worse than this.

Ghanaians have had it to their necks, they are only clutching to a straw, which by the revelation of Mr Kofi Ellis, is not only maggot infested, but is almost

The President and his government are making all the needed investment in the power sector. The sector in the last few years, have seen more investment than any other sector, yet what we hear on a daily basis, aside from what we go through is not refreshing and reassuring.

It is only in Ghana that people are paid to provide a particular service and what you hear from them is rather the problem or anticipated problem, rather than a solution.

Mr Kofi Ellis, and his colleagues at the VRA, should bow their heads in shame for disappointing Ghanaians, they are paid good monies to think outside the box and provide us solutions to the long standing problem.

Everybody in Ghana, know that we are shedding power, what they want is not a reminder or a warning that the situation could get worse; they want to see an end to the current crisis.

In my moment of solitude especially when the lights are out, I always ask myself whether solving the energy crisis is like building a space ship or going to the moon.
A war thorn country like Somalia, a country ravaged by years of civil strives is able to light its homes and businesses. They get stable and uninterrupted power supply despite the volatile situation in the country.

The dividends of good governance and democracy is not being felt by Ghanaians, it is not only the rule of law that defines how democratic a nation can be but by the ability to provide essential services, necessary for the sustenance of its citizens.

Ghanaians over the years have been made to pay more by way of tariffs, anytime they come to us for increment, the rallying cry has been that pay more and get quality and improved service, yet the more we pay the bad its gets.

We have held onto our side of the bargain, but consistently, they have let us down.

Who do we cry to, we are angry, but how far can we take our anger, who do we complaint to, because it is obvious that even the President, has had it to his throat.
We are angry, but like I said we are powerless and so our anger is useless. The service providers have taken us for a ride for quiet sometime now, whiles those in the private are also dishing us bad service, why won’t they?, because we are used to receiving or settling for anything less than normal.

Whereas the President is determined to end this crisis by end of the year, officials of VRA, are telling us that the situation could get worse.

We need them to reassure us that the huge investment coming their way is not going to waste. The sacrifices and conditionalities that the government has to enter with its multi-lateral partners like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank is not all in vain.

It is high time people, who feel that they cannot justify salaries they receive should step aside and allow forward thinking and progressive Ghanaians to take over from them.

We all chastise the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), when in actual fact they cannot be entirely blamed; they serve what they are giving.

All we need from our power producers is action over the apathy that they have court for themselves over the years.

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