Ghanaians Have Had Enough Of Mosquito Politics; It Is Koku’s Turn


Everything that has a beginning, certainly has an end. The best amongst us are those who are able to realize and accept when their time is up.

It is not defeatist attitude, it is just that relevance fade, the game changes and so are the players.

Christaino Ronlado, did not leave Real Madrid, because he was done with football, but because there was no longer any motivation to keep playing at the Club, after having achieved everything there is to achieve in football, especially the UEFA Champions League; back to back.

The events of last week Thursday, set the stage for what will go down in history as the beginning of a new dawn in the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Two significant things happened, ex-president John Dramani Mahama, presented his letter of intent to contest for the flagbearership of the Umbrella family, worthy of notice also was the picking of nomination forms by the deputy general secretary of the party, Koku Anyidoho.

The prospect of someone contesting Asiedu Nketiah and winning, seemed like an unachievable faraway dream, but there is good news in the horizon, because Koku Anyidoho, is a trusted and loyal servant of the party, who has the capacity to take out General mosquito, as he is affectionately called.

The position is not a family heirloom, General mosquito, has held the position for the past twelve years, every trick off his sleeves is known, he has outlived his usefulness, as the tactics of the warfare has changed, since he was first elected in that position in 2005.

History would be kind to him, he should not be unkind to history by holding onto a position that he has outlived.

General mosquito, delayed in announcing his intention to contest the position again, largely due to the lackluster and abysmal performance of the party in the last election.

He feared stepping aside may make him lose his t invincibility a situation that can render him vulnerable, so like a dog, which is not about to let go of a bone, he has decided against every wisdom to contest again.

The task ahead of the new General Secretary is that of assuaging the angst and anger of many faithful of the party, who were let down in the last election.

A lot of them are displeased with the current crop of executives who hijacked the party and run every aspect of it aground.

Kofi Adams, has seen defeat staring him in the face and so with his tail in-between his legs, he has beaten a retreat but not General mosquito, whose bite in the last election, could not tame the marauding elephant.

General mosquito is far removed from the politics of today, technology is driving the force in this modern times. A party which is desirous of staying relevant, needs to elect leaders, who know how to deploy the internet, i.e. social media to its advantage.

I have always maintained that, you cannot fight today’s war with yesterday’s strategy. The arsenals to deploy and the arsenals at your disposal, vary with time.

The election of John Boadu, as the general secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NDC), was a strong warning to the NDC that, the NPP, has embraced the prevailing times.

The older generation are given way to the new generation.

The delegates of the NDC, have a date with destiny, will they choose to remain in the past or embrace today and the future.

Koku Anyidoho, left a lucrative bank job to join the NDC, at a time many people refused to be associated with the party.

People were found guilty by virtue of their association with the NDC. Koku run towards danger, instead of running away from it.

He believed that the best person to bring transformation to this country was Prof. John Evans Atta Mills. He was relatively unknown to politics, but he put his life and career on the line, to ensure that, the man who was given a dog’s chance of becoming a president, to become.

He took a leap of faith, he jumped without knowing where he was going to land, but his believe in Prof. Mills and the NDC, was enough consolation.

He stood by and with Prof. Mills, he worked for him, he sacrificed his time, energy etc, without pay, until Prof. Mills and the NDC snatched victory from the jaws of the NPP in 2008.

After the victory of 2008, he was appointed Director of Communications at the presidency, a position he held until the unfortunate demise of Pro. John Evans Atta Mills.

Koku, having realized he was not done serving the NDC, went on to become a deputy general secretary of the party.

After becoming a deputy general secreatry, it became clear that he has demonstrably shown himself as a potential general secretary. For me, no one else, not the least General Mosquito, is better placed for that office today.

His age, voice, tone, even clothing qualify him better for the position. The NDC is in the cusps of history.

General Mosquito, has served his due, he has been around and has seen the changing faces of the party. The party, would have a place for him, when the success story of the party is being told to generations to come. He has come to the end of the road, his shadow cannot troll the party going into the future.

He set a borbor ensemble on stage, but forgot not to dance himself. By the time the music he paid for to amuse himself started tempting him to the stage, the otherwise witty and talented General, was a shadow of his old self.

In simple terms, you cannot eat your cake and still have it. It is too late in the day for his intention to still hold onto the post.

I enjoin all progressive-minded Akatamansonians to make Koko Anyidoho’s dream of becoming the general secretary a reality.

The party, will be better placed and position for victory 2020. 2020 is about our future, not our past.

I align myself with Koku:  great, brilliant, bold, courageous and talented, awesome, gifted, powerful and capable


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