Ghanaians Have Deviated From God’s Commandments –Rev Torto


By Cecil Mensah

The Right Reverend, Daniel Sylvanus Mensah Torto of the Anglican Diocese of Accra, has revealed that Ghanaians, have deviated from the commandments of God, hence the countless murder cases and the worsening economic crisis being experienced by the nation in recent times.

He said, the book of Moses, the first fourteen verses talked about Christians abiding by what therein written in the commandments and “our land will be blessed, our nation will be blessed”.

But Ghana as a nation has lost the values of God as well as what God gave us and have fall short of the glory of God.

“As nation we have been eroded of the glory of God hence the numerous problems the country is encountering” he maintain.

Rt. Rev. Torto made this comment addressing a three- day twenty -first synod of the Diocese of Accra to take stock and to offer prayers for the ailing nation on the theme: Pressing on Towards the Goal”.

According to him, Ghana shouldn’t be in this situation because, it is a nation well endowed with all the natural resources such as gold and oil among others.

He maintained that the situation Ghana finds itself is a clear indication that Ghanaians have lost track of the teachings of God and the ten commandants.

He said in recent times, what Christians are fixated with is to find someone to defraud and show off that illicit acquired wealth instead of falling to the commandments.

A lot of our people these days sacrifice their neighbours to experience their parochial and individual success in the society.

Many people seek success by sacrificing their own people just to live a flamboyant lifestyle, maintaining that Apostle Paul in the Bible was not worthy and had no political connections but he attained success in the sight of God’

He was quick to add that something has happened and God is angry with Ghanaians as a nation but all is not lost because God is compassionate.

He explained that in the book of Second Chronicles: God says “if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and call on me day and night I shall heel their land”.

It is on this premise, he called on all to come together to pray and fast earnestly and ask for forgiveness for the land.

Explaining the rationale behind a synod, Rt. Rev. Torto said, was the period for ordinary members to discuss issues affecting the church and to take stock of them.

In other words, a synod in Anglican perspective is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the church, where members are made to know the financial status of the church and matters arising.

He added that the synod an exercise embarked on by the leadership to make the church a progressive one.

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