Ghanaians Are Getting Angrier Everyday


Have you noticed lately how Ghanaians at the least provocation or incident or mistake, they flare up? I have observed that the citizenry have become gloomier, more frustrated and belligerent in their attitude and relationships.

Their anger can be understood and appreciated because nothing in Ghana, is certain, you cannot predict what happens tomorrow. The joy of living today, is a promise of tomorrow, but unfortunately, tomorrow is what Ghanaians do not wish for.

We are witnessing so many unprecedented things unfolding these days, and the government seems helpless. The Cedi, our pride has been reduced to a pathetic currency, chasing after its trading partners. The situation is so alarming that one thing is certain and that is the value will fall the next day.

In the whole history of Ghana, never has light been so epileptic and unreliable as between 2012 and now, ever since we experienced the act of God.

Generators of all sizes, have taken over and honestly if I tell you it has not affected my hearing I am not being honest. You leave home for work and all you want to do is to call colleagues and ask them, do we have light?

This problem of power rationing or load shedding did not start today and sure won’t end today, because the politicians from both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), we keep recycling every four or eight years, without any substance.

Listen to them talk and you will understand that all of them have become liars. No one keeps to promises made.

If you have time, go back to the campaign period and you will agree with me that it is not worth wasting ones time to go queue from dawn to dusk, just to get someone into office. The promises, they make is enough to fill the sea.

It was Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle, the French politician, who said that when a politician comes to you and say he will do this and that, know that the only thing at the back of his money is power. All they want is to rule us, whether it means advancing our cause and interest or not, that is secondary.

Selfishness and greed among our politician, knows no bound.

It is said that democracy is expensive, but it seems Ghanaians did not bargain well, when they went to the market. We have bitten more than we can chew or as we say in Ghana, we have fallen a tree longer than us.

Since 1992, when we ushered in the democratic dispensation, we the people, who wield the power have been given a raw deal by the so-called politicians, who come from amongst them. Perhaps, we could conclude that we get the kind of leaders we deserve.

Because if not, why do we always sit aloof, while our destiny and the destiny of generations yet unborn, get thrown to the dogs by politician in Government, who were once in opposition and those in opposition, who will be in Government one day.

They come across as the best thing Ghana needs, when in opposition, they have all the ideas and the men, give them power and they don’t have any clue as to how to move the country forward.

We have always done their bidding for them, but have they lived up to expectation? The answer is an emphatic no.

We live with and among them; we know how they started and where they are now. We still go to them for pittance, when it is our collective till and must be shared equally.

Persons and people of influence have become greedier and love of money has increased beyond imagination.

If not, look at what is happening within the political parties, whiles the economy is in crisis and if care is not taken the economy will grind to a halt, what are they doing, fighting among themselves as to who is best qualified to lead their party’s.

The NDC, which is the governing party, the infighting is just beginning, the bickering and back biting is pitching high, the NPP are confused and are jostling as to who should be their flagbearer.

We are in a pathetic situation, because our leaders are lost, they have lost steam and are leading all of us into a ditch, a ditch they have dug for all of us.

Fellow Ghanaians, these greedy and selfish politicians, do not care about you and me. It has and will always be about them.
What is our crime as a people, everything has collapsed to the machinery of Government

As a way of ending this my thought, we are getting wearied of inept leadership. We are getting tired of leaders at all levels that cannot perform.

Just recently in India, there has been a change of leadership.2016 is not too far away, for the youth of this country to look amongst themselves and bring up a proactive individual, who can be firm, who can be decisive and churn opportunities that can serve the interest of the people, not the self-serving bunch of selfish few that are cornering our resources everyday for themselves and their families. We can do away with fear and lay down our lives for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Man must die once. This imminent change must happen. This is the moment to galvanize, mobilize and sensitize the citizenry, that we have enough to go around, but others have decided to sit on it. This country is blessed to have all the bountiful gift of God, from Cocoa, Coffee, Gold, Diamond, and most recently, we have discovered oil, that is also being mortgaged to foreigners.

The Gas Pipeline that is suppose to stop us from flaring the gas and to enable us generate electricity has also stalled, because authourities failed to do the right thing. I only hope it is not a ploy to delay the process and then we will be told that because of the court case, the completeion date has been extended.

We can no longer wait. Let us stop mourning and look around for clear minds who can ginger. Let us stop getting angrier and pause for a moment and select someone who can drive us to a point of positive change.

We can do it. Let us reason together and put our thoughts in one basket and push ourselves, from where we are and salvage ourselves, by ourselves. We can do it. Yes we can.

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