Ghanaians Aid The Chinese To Do Galamsey, Now They Are Aiding Others To Kidnap

In times past and noted for, is the fact that Ghanaians are hospitable and accommodating. Certain crimes are alien to us.

Our people have been mining for centuries, without harming the environment. Mining has provided livelihood to thousands of Ghanaians, and it has existed side by side with farming, until the Chinese came into the country and managed to influence some greedy Ghanaians with money and the destruction of our forest and rivers started.

We have reached a stage where galamsey has become an incurable disease, every attempt by the current and previous governments, have not yielded any result.

President Akufo-Addo, has even proclaimed that, if fighting galamsey will cost him the presidency, he is ready to lose the 2020 election.

He went ahead to place a ban on small scale mining, many Ghanaians thought, we were getting somewhere, unknown to them, it was only a ploy to allow members of the New Patriotic Party to cash in on the trade.

Politics aside, Ghanaians know that when the nation prospers, the benefits will be felt by all its citizens. It is, therefore, in the interest of the people to support their government with ideas that could help transform the society.

Another beast, which was unknown to Ghanaians, started manifesting itself last year, at an alarming rate.

Hardly a month passes without one or more kidnapping cases recorded.

On June 4, a month after an Indian national was kidnapped in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi, two Canadian nationals, on June 11, the two ladies were rescued by a combine team of Police and National Security operatives.

There was unmistakable relief in Kumasi and across the country, when security operatives rescued the ladies from their abductors.

However, the celebration of their rescue, has thrown up a few niggling issues that the government cannot afford to gloss over, these include, how porous or rigid are our entry and exit borders.

Finally, as a country, we have to assure investors, as well as tourists that, they are safe to visit Ghana.



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