Ghanaian Times Burning


….Workers Want MD To Go After Tenure

By Patrick Biddah

Ms Carol Annag, MD of New Times Corporation

Caroline Annang

Time is ticking and any attempt to extend the four year contract of the Managing Director (MD) of Ghanaian Times Corporation, will see an explosion by workers.

The four year tenure of the MD, Caroline Annang, which comes to an end on January 2 next year, according to workers, has been filled with mismanagement resulting in poor conditions service of staff.

In a petition to the National Media Commission (NMC), a copy of which is in possession of The Herald, workers are angry at her for withholding benefits and allowances due them without justification.

In a tall list of allegations against the MD, the workers claim she has supervised a corrupt regime, leading to the depletion of the finances of the Corporation.

Her tenure as the MD, they said has brought little or no improvement to the Corporation in view of achievements and successes of previous MDs, who bought equipment and increased the fleet of vehicles for the Corporation which also saw an improvement in the working conditions of staff.

The  woman ,they claim is scheming to have her contract extended, but that move will be dead on arrival, since they (workers) will use all legitimate means to resist her continues stay .

For example, they accuse her of incurring losses by ordering the printing of the paper at a Graphic Communications Group Company at a whopping fee of Ghc17, 000 a day for 10,000 copies, although New Times Corporation’s printing machine was working and printing The Spectator newspaper.

Also captured among the concerns, were a freeze on promotions since 2015, and this has not seen to the payments of night allowance of editorial staff and non-editorial staff alike.

The night allowance, which is enshrined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement of workers, have not been paid to some workers since 2016.

Inside New Times Corporation, the word on the lips of a sizeable number of workers The Herald spoke to, point to three management staff, who are said to he running the show among themselves.

The gang of three are the Marketing Manager, Alfred Koomson, the Technical Service Manager, .John Lawson and the Managing Director herself.

This is not the first time workers of the New Times Corporation are agitating against this current MD.

It was a volatile situation,last year, when the workers were up in arms against her complaining about her profligate leadership style when she acquired a fresh Honda Pilot SUV at a market value of US$32,000.

In all of these, the most troubling issue for the workers is the mismanagement of their Provident Fund.Monies deducted from workers salary are not sent to the fund managers as the workers do not receive statement on deductions.

The petition, which is dated December 13, this year,also highlights the nonpayment of End of Service benefits for staff who retired as far back as 2013,a development which has seen to resignation of some 16 workers who feel they are wasting time at the Corporation.

The Herald, in the course of working on this petition found out that the back pay for some workers have not been paid since 2016.

Unfortunately, the back and forth in a bid to receiving the back pay saw the collapse of a female worker in front of the MD.

The issues among many others, against the woman include a shambolic rebranding of the Cooperation which could not see to the erection of signpost in front of the Corporationdisplaying the location of the New Times Corporation.

An aspect of the branding which they found ridiculous was the white markings for cars at the parking lot.

Her lack of supervision is said to have created the fertile ground for a circulation clerk to embezzle Ghc189,992 whiles her poor leadership decision keep incurring judgment debt for the Corporation.

But when The Herald reached out to the Managing Director, Ms Carol Annang, she declined to comment on account that the National Media Commission, is looking into the matter, and will not want to preempt the outcome of the work of the Commissioners.







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