Ghanaian Politicians Are Soiling Themselves -Nduom

By Cecil Mensah

The founder and bankroller of the fledging Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom,has maintained that politicians in recent times are courting wrong reputations for themselves, especially in their dealings with the electorate.

He said these developments on the part of the professional politicians are making Ghana carved a bad niche for itself abroad.

According to him, while some wait for their governments to come to power others in government use their position to amass wealth.

He said it is not the politicians who make the state but the ordinary people who do but politicians in power behave as if the country belongs to them.
“Politicians do not have power that is why they become miserable when they leave office” he added

The former Energy Minister in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration under ex -President John Agyekum made this comment, when he delivered a paper on violence and tribalism in “our body politics at the PPP party’s head office in Accra.

He said politicians in government have knowledge without character and politics without principles is dangerous for the nation.

He said the social sin of politics without principles is politics of intimidation, tribalism and vote buying.

These developments if it continues, 2016 general elections will be detrimental to the stability of the state he alerted.

He said if politicians continue to perpetuate politics without principles going into election 2016, “he does not know where Ghana would be after 2016.

I am afraid for Ghana, we must all remain be united after the 2016 elections or we are doomed”

He took a swipe at the 1992 Constitution for institutionalizing tribalism, according to him, the aspect where the Constitution says one can become a Member of
Parliament; if he or she hails from an area or have lived there for some number of years encourages tribalism.

He said that in the first Republican dispensation, people from different ethnic areas won elections in James Town British Accra and there was nothing wrong with it.

He warned that the use of government treasury to finance a partisan campaign allows some politician without principles to act with impunity.

And if they exhibit these same traits in the run -up to the 2016 elections it would destroy the moral fiber of the country he revealed.

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