Ghanaian Christians Are Too Divided –Rev. Osei


By Cecil Mensah

The Head Pastor of Kingdom Mission Network International (KMNI) in the Madina, Rev. Gideon Osei, has revealed that the myriad of problems the country is face with, is as a result of the disunity that has reared its ugly head in the Christendom.

He said, Christians cry for blessing for the nation, but deep down their hearts they are divided along party lines.

According to him, this has made it difficult for the nation to survive the worsening economic conditions in spite of the prayers proffered by some church leaders in the country.

He admitted that this situation arose because Ghanaians have deviated from the Commandments of God and are now experiencing the wrath of God.

Rev Gideon Osei, made this revelation in an interview with The Herald in Accra last week.

He said, everybody was praying for God’s intervention on the current economic situation but to no avail because ‘we are divided and God is not listening’.

Everybody is saying his or her own antidote to the problems the country is facing because of their selfish interests and not the interest of the nation.

Why should Ghana, a nation well endowed with oil and other natural resources be tilting towards a failed state and Christians cannot do anything about it he questioned.

He added that Christians are crying for blessings for the nation but in their hearts are divided and envious of their colleagues.

He said in recent times when a church member of church (A) goes to church (B), the pastor becomes offended rain invectives on his colleague
pastor for poaching his flocks.

He said the division is so incensed that pastors now mount radio stations to hurl insults at each.

He cited the scenario where it has become difficult for Church members to have access to their own pastors.

He added that some pastors have secured the services of bodyguards further deviating from attributes of Jesus Christ.

He said it saddens his heart when he hears members of the clergy criticizing the politicians because church leaders are themselves behaving like the politician.

He said the newest craze for church leaders to amass wealth by building houses in the plush Trassacco Valley area and tittles and yet do nothing with them.

And make their children attend the best of schools in the country while their best wallow in poverty he said

He noted that what is amazing is that recent times pastors openly gloat over their colleagues predicaments

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