Ghana Will Be The World’s Economic Giant –Maulvi Hameed


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo, Kumasi

The Ashanti Regional Missionary of the Ahamadyyia Muslim Mission, Maulvi Abdul Hameed Tahir, has predicted that in spite of the present economic challenges facing the country, there was a better time ahead.

He was of the view that Ghana would come out of her current economic crisis as one of the world’s vibrant nations

“ Ghana would definitely come out of the present economic difficulties she is facing in and become a very strong economic country across the entire world,” he stressed.

He added Allah has blessed Ghana with both human and natural resources, which when harnessed and utilized judiciously would put her in a better position for economic breakthrough.

Maulvi Hameed Tahir, made these observations when he led Ahamadis in an open air prayers at the Ahamadyyia Senoir High School (SHS) in Kumasi to mark this year’s Eid-ul Adha.

He, however, urged the government to take pragmatic steps to find lasting solution to power outages, adding that without constant supply of power, the vision to make the country an industrialized state would be crumbled.

Eid-ul adha is an obligatory feast of sacrifice celebrated annually by Muslims to commemorate Abraham’s (Ibrahim’s) obedience to God (Allah) to sacrifice his son Ishmael to him.

He observed that, the sacrifice to Allah by Ibrahim showed his readiness to seek spiritual, social and economic upliftment, hence all Muslims should reflect on how to dedicate their time and resources to the development of the country.

According to him, the occasion served as a symbol of respect for those in authority as Ibrahim did to Allah.

He was happy that through religious tolerance, Ghana has been witnessing steady progress.

The deputy Ashanti regional minister, Mr. Joseph Yammin in his speech, charged Muslims to continue to submit to the ways of Allah.

He expressed the need for them to shun negative attitudes, such as vengeance, violence, indiscipline and other misdeeds that are hindrances to the development of the country.

He noted that such an occasion, should serve as a means for all Ghanaians in particular, the Muslims to reflect and rededicate their efforts in the cause of nation building.

He said, the expectations of the government was to see all Ghanaians, irrespective of their religious, ethnic and political affiliations to remain focused in unity of purpose to seek the interest of the country.

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